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End of 1st year, bring on Summer!

Hi everyone so if you haven’t been keeping track I posted a blog on monday summarising what exams I had and how I found them overall, so check that out if you need more info specifically on sociology exams.

Well, here we are! I actually cannot believe I have completed my first year at Warwick, time has flown by so don’t take it for granted people. I’ve got to say, I am quite proud of myself! Moving away from home into a completely new environment where there is no guarentee that you’ll meet the right people, be on the right course or even at the right university, can be daunting. Yes university can be tough and yes it may not be what you expect but you’ve really got to give it a go to find out! I have been faced with many challenges during this first year which have made me question the path I am on (a very common occurance as most students wonder whether they made the right choice).

Term 1 was the most difficult for me, trying to adjust to a new lifestyle and settle in properly but I can honestly say I am definitely glad I persevered. Term 2 and 3 have been absolutely brilliant. My flat blended together much better, I felt more comfortable with friends on my course and was adapting to the teaching styles and work load. I really got stuck into my work and began to enjoy it more despite its challenges. As a result of the hard work and effort that I’ve put into enjoying university, I was truthfully sad to leave. Being back home is great but I miss the university life and for me that is a stepping stone! I’ve found a place other than home that I feel comfortable in and that I now miss. It just goes to show that if you put your heart into something and really try, you may just gain a completely new perspective.

And now…..Summer! I’ve got a week in France, 10 days in Italy and a weekend at V Festival to look forward to and boy do I deserve it! I think I will still do some work in preparation for next year, I mean it can’t hurt. I definitely wish I’d prepared last summer for this year, some background reading would have come in handy. Then again you can only learn these things as you go along. I will definitely still be blogging over summer and will keep you all updated on what I get up to because other than holidays I will actually be working and earning! Got to save up some dosh for living in Leamington next year with my new flatmates! So excited already to see my friends from university and bump into familiar faces in Neon I’m sure. Any questions just email me:


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