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Embracing spontaneity in life

Spontaneous is a word I actually learnt in chemistry during A levels when we first studied thermodynamics. Never did I know that I would end up embracing it this much. My most spontaneous journey at university has so far been to do with housing. I never really felt the concerns that other people have regarding ending up with people you may not like.

In first year, in the accommodation form I wrote that I am more of a quiet person and don’t drink and so on and ended up with a flat that I bonded with really well. But I must say that I never went in worrying that I may be with not-my-sort of people. I guess you have to have a brain interested in the technicalities of life for that to happen. (But this doesn’t mean that I later would not have regretted it had I ended up with different people).

In second year, I found myself living with people from my first year accommodation and it was amazing. I still remember the conversations at 1am or the super deep conversations in the kitchen or my flatmate knocking on my door at 7am during exam season when I was struggling with my sleep pattern. It was never the people I planned to live with in the first or even the second term of first year. It was instead a very last minute thing when they needed a flatmate and I needed a flat.

This year again, I am living with who I would have described as strangers at the start of this academic year but have now become some of the most special people. The kitchen banter, the cooking tips, the deep conversations, everything is there. We truly have bonded and somewhere in the strangers  I have found the kind of friends I was missing in my life. We have bonded due to our shared values and our shared love of humour and my time in the kitchen in the evenings is something I truly look forward to after a day on campus.

Spontaneity has not only found its way in my life in terms of accommodation but also my course. In second year, last minute I was running between the chemistry and the economics building to do the admin in order to get my optional module – Introduction to Environmental Economics – on my Moodle. I chose this module very much last minute as I had originally planned to do something else but this last minute decision brought such radical changes to my lifestyle. Understanding the economics behind looking after the environment and sustainability has allowed me to think about the planet differently. I often find myself being able to better understand economics and even write better for Boar Finance given that I now know a few technical words from economics.

This year, I changed my optional modules after I had officially submitted my original choices and there were many doubts over whether I was making the right decision in picking my weakness (organic) over what is more of a strength (theoretical chemistry). Looking back at it now, I don’t know how I would have done in theoretical chemistry but I loved my lectures for bioorganic. In all honesty, exam season was a shambles lol but I really enjoyed studying everything. It was a last minute decision and whilst this may not be the most scientific method of decision-making, I just felt like I was making the right choice so I did.

There are many other things I have decided to do randomly and many things I have tried randomly and have enjoyed it. I think in life this is almost unavoidable sometimes but I do tend to almost embrace the last minuteness in my life. I must admit that I am a person not super comfortable with change. When revision plans fail or something randomly comes up last minute, I take longer to come to terms with it than I can afford.

For those of you coming to university soon, all I have to say is that going with the flow has been working well for me so far. Dreading outcomes be it academic results, UCAS, accommodation and what the course will be like is all understandable and certainly many of these concerns have kept me up at night but in the end, life still keeps going even when you don’t like a certain outcome. Enter this exam season knowing you can only try and even if you are not the most hardworking person (I am certainly not), make sure to give it your best.

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