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Election Week

When strolling onto campus this week, you cannot ignore the fact that it is time for the SU Sabbatical Officers elections. Colourful cardboard signs plaster the library bridge, no railing is left clear and even the passageway between the Chaplaincy and the Arts Centre has a denser poster distribution than usual. The amount of cardboard has come under criticism is recent years as campus does get smothered in signs, banners and posters each year at this time. Many people are worried about the environmental effects of all this waste and what happens to the signs after the week is over. This issue is even more prominent if it rains, which sadly it often does, because signs then turn soggy and litter the floors and walkways rather than railings. Despite the objections though, I love how bright the signs make campus, especially on a dreary day, and some of the slogans/ pictures used by candidates always make me smile as I walk past. This year there have been some very innovative uses of pictures and campaign slogans!


I also think it is great to see how engaged students are in politics, even just in SU politics, and to see the candidates and their campaign teams out in force trying to make a change. Some people I have spoken to on campus can be disillusioned with the SU and what they actually do for us, but with a bit of research, Warwick SU have been able to make substantial improvements to our campus life, especially this year. From finally securing a Lecture Free Week 0, to continuing to champion Team Warwick during Varsity, to introducing Creative Warwick and creating a scheme where everyone has access to menstrual care products, not to mention the highly successful “Are You Okay?” campaign, the SU are striving to improve all of our lives on campus. I have great admiration for those wanting to graduate from the university and spend a year working to make even further improvements.

Whatever your political opinions and whether you agree with what the SU does or not, I believe that this week it is important to celebrate the efforts that are made to improve and develop the campus we all share and support those trying to make campus better for all of us. If you are a student at Warwick, you can vote using this link and help to decide who will be our Sabbs in 2017/2018!

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