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Economics Year 2

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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I have heard different comments regarding economics year 2. Most of them involve Econometrics and how difficult it is. It was scary, I can deny it. Year 2 represents a lot of changes: you leave campus, and you start your “new life” in either Leamington, Coventry or Canley; you live with your friends, your peers or your last year flatmates. Looks nice right? and it is but for sure it is more complicated than how it sounds!

I arrived at Leamington on September 17th and the first problem was the internet. My flatmate and I had no internet for about 1-2 weeks, yeah, I am still not sure how we survive that! I travelled every day to campus just because of the internet and because I love Pret. It was difficult I have never contacted an Internet company before or arrange a contract. I learnt something you and, I learnt to set up a Wi-Fi connection! it took us like 1-2 hours, but it was quite funny. This was one of those stories you will never forget, one of those stories you will tell others.

It is so difficult to be independent? well, I guess; it is something new, something you start learning in your first year and you develop it more and more during your second and third year. I quite like it because it is an introduction to the real world, to a place where you must deal with the rent, bills, food and more. The real world seems exciting and a bit scared (maybe) but we all will reach that point and we should be ready for it!

Concerning the academic part, I am feeling that there is too much to do; not impossible; but yeah, too much material to go through and too many things to deal with. That is why the biggest advice I always give to others (and mostly if they are economics students at Warwick) is that you should be an organized person and know how to manage your time. If you dominate these 2 skills, you will not struggle a lot. I am sure this advice could be applied to different moments and situations.

This term 1, I am taking Macroeconomics 1, Microeconomics 1, Econometrics 1 and Economy of Money and Banking. Maybe I am crazy, but I quite enjoy the modules. I think that is why I do not struggle too much with the degree because I enjoy what I am studying, what I am doing. For me it is simple: when I like/love something, I give my best effort. On the other hand, if I do not like something, I will not be good at it! I believe motivation is vital for every part, for every step of your life. My dad taught me that if I want to do something, I have to do it with passion, and everything will work right. He also taught me that I should be always happy and do things that make me happy.

Life is just one to be pretending, to be fake and no one should waste time being unhappy, being fake!

I hope everyone finds that/those thing(s) which motivate you to be better each day and to give your 100% or even more. I think I already found it here at Warwick and nothing will stop me!

Hope you are having a nice first month 2021/2022 at Warwick!

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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