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Economics Dinner and Quiz Night

First of all, I would like to apologize for my hiatus. I had to take a break from other work to focus on my essay assignments and prepare for my Statistics test. Glad to say that I have completed both tasks.

 So, yesterday I had my Statistics test. Word of advice: If you fail to attend lectures, be disciplined enough to catch up on Lecture Capture. I had to watch 5 weeks worth of lecture in the space of few days. But fortunately enough, I somehow managed to do it. The test is worth 5% of the overall module. 5 marks for a correct answer, 0 marks for no answer and 1 mark is deducted for a mistake. As someone who suffers from the chronic disease of careless mistakes, I was pretty unhappy with the marking scheme. I mean, who even came up with the idea of negative marking? Not getting a mark is already a punishment for a mistake but nooo, they had to go one step ahead and penalize us heavier for making a mistake. SMH.

Obviously, as expected, I made a few careless mistakes. Even the first question was a victim of that chronic disease. But to be fair, the test was decent overall. Not too tough and not too easy. I was pretty satisfied with my effort but there is definitely room for improvement. Nevertheless, lets be hopeful until the results are out. *fingers crossed*

 After the test, I attended the Economics Dinner and Quiz Night. The dinner was organized by the Economics Department for the Year 1 and 2 students. It was based of the student survey who requested for more opportunities to socialize with peers, seniors and staff from the same department. To be honest, I only signed up for the event for the free food. That is basically uni culture. Going to events that serve free food.

 However, I had so much fun at the event. I have never attended a quiz night before. I know that every Wednesday is a quiz night at Dirty Duck but I never had the time for it. So, it was definitely a different experience for me. We played a few rounds of quizzes, ranging from movies, music, general knowledge, economics and sports. It was then I realized that I am not made for quizzes. My contribution was minimal. But we had this girl called Annabelle in our group, and she was carrying the whole group on her back. So shout to Annabelle if you ever happen to read this.

I also submitted my two formative essays for the Political Economy module last Wednesday. Honestly speaking, this assignment was something I really enjoyed doing. The essay questions were interesting and challenging. These were the questions that I picked to answer:

1. What does it mean to say that markets are social constructs?

2. Should we be concerned about growing economic inequality?

But the amount of reading that I had to get done to answer these questions was enormous. I remember spending the last few days in the library just reading away and making notes from the reading list. Once again, I hope that the grades are good. Anyways, it is only a formative test. This will provide me a good opportunity to reflect on my work and the areas that require improvement after my tutor has marked and given me feedback!

 With that being said, I have an inter-university public speaking competition tomorrow. I have to go and practice my speech now. Hopefully, I could win and bring some glory to Warwick. LOL.

Cheers, Sugheson

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