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Eating out in Melbourne

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are well! Apologies for the delay in publishing my posts, the last month has been really hectic. I have been catching up with a lot of friends and saying a lot of goodbyes. Well, see you’s. 

Melbourne, aka the most liveable city in the world, is known for its diverse food culture. Whether you have any dietary requirements or not, I can assure you that you will feel at home with a wide range of food available. 

In terms of regular eating, Richardson has a big community spirit. A lot of people choose to make cooking groups, where each person takes turns to cook for the rest of the group. This is a really good idea to socialise and even save money. I personally chose not to join a cooking group because I really like having the flexibility to choose what I am eating and at what times (I am a very early eater!). Despite this, I have cooked with people on numerous occasions, my most recent being making broccoli pasta with my friend Michael. 

*Shout out to Michael for basically doing all the work*

I was also a part of a cooking group last semester for Diwali which I really enjoyed:

Monash’s Clayton campus has a lot of good eating outlets – dare I say, significantly more than Warwick! To name a few places: there is a Subway, Guzman y Gomez, Noodle Noodle and Sumo Cafe. 

Wholefoods is also a non-profit run eating outlet on campus, which is a great socialising spot too. I strongly suggest trying their lasagne, which is my personal favourite go-to eating out lunch on campus. 

Halls Cafe is another option for eating out, especially for those of you living on campus. It is a 2-minute walk from Richardson Hall, and all of the other old halls, and they have the option to either eat in or get a takeaway. The food is approximately 7-8$ and the portion sizes are usually enough for two meals! A lot of people in halls go regularly as it is perfect for those who just don’t know how to cook (although I recommend at least attempting to cook every now and then). 

Moving on, the city has LOTS and LOTS of options for eating out. And they are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. I mean, just look at my brunch:

If you don’t know where to eat exactly, just wander around from Flinder’s station and I guarantee you that you will find something very quickly. Pretty much every place will cater to various dietary requirements, but Melbourne definitely does have a really big vegan/vegetarian presence if this is something that you are concerned about. Fitzroy is a really good location to find vegetarian specific places to eat out. 

If you can’t bear the idea of the hour-long commute into the city (which is perfectly okay), there are many local places too. The three main locations being: Clayton, Glen Waverley and Oakleigh. They all have many locations, my favourite being YOMG in Glen Waverley which serves some really tasty burgers and also has a dessert/yoghurt bar! 

Clayton is within walking distance (30 or so minutes) and is a good location during the summer:

*Shout out to my friend Sannidhi*

Whatever your food taste or budget, there are many options available in Melbourne. Don’t let any dietary requirements stop you from eating out because I can assure you, Melbourne has everything you may possibly want! Additionally, studying here is a great opportunity to try other cuisines. I have tried a lot of Asian food over the last year, something that I didn’t really do before, and I love it!

Shanita 🙂 xo 

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