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Eating on Campus

At Warwick, there’s no shortage of places to go and eat on campus. My friends and I go out for lunch every Tuesday, and I also go out for breakfast or dinner every now and then. I thought I’d give a quick overview of some of my favourite places to eat on campus.



Curiositea is where our Tuesday lunch tradition began. It’s a cozy, vintage style tea room which serves food, drinks and cake at good prices. My favourite thing to have there for lunch is the caramelised onion and houmous bagel, but you can also get bagels with different toppings as well as paninis which are really good too. I like that Curiositea has themed weeks (for example Frozen last term: see the Olaf themed drink) so you have the option of getting something a bit different each time you go.



Although I only made it to Canopy for the first time this term, it’s become one of my favourite places to eat. I’ve been there for lunch, which was delicious, and went back the next week for a submission-day celebration breakfast with my friends. I had a pancake stack, which was really good and again, reasonably priced. I paid around £5 for breakfast and a cup of tea, and around £8 for lunch there.  It’s definitely a more expensive (but bigger) lunch than at Curiositea but I do really enjoy it.

The Dirty Duck

The Dirty Duck is the on-campus pub. I go there with my flat for the quiz every week, and sometimes we go early to get dinner there before it starts. The menu is all classic pub food; fish and chips seems to be the most popular among us though! 

A bonus of eating out on campus is that the Eating at Warwick card gets you 10% off in a lot of food places, which is helpful when you’re on a student budget!

I hope this helps to give an insight into the range of eating options on-campus at Warwick! 


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