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Eating Healthy at Uni

I always have pretty high hopes at the beginning of every academic year; promising  myself I’ll go to the gym and eat healthily. However, like clockwork,  by week three I’m already fervently snacking on sugar popcorn while my dominos order is being prepared. Finally, in April I made the decision to commit to my 2019 resolution of improving my health. 

The popular misconception is that eating healthily at university is too expensive and time consuming, but I found that with the right planning, it’s pretty affordable and fits right into a typical uni routine. I’ll be sharing a few tips on how I became a healthy uni babe! 

  1. Make menus 

What I found most helpful in my healthy food journey was making a menu for the week. It could also be for a fortnight or month depending on how often you like to change meals.. This involved listing the meals I wanted to cook and eat for the week. With a menu written down, it’s so much easier to make a comprehensive shopping list. You’ll save money by buying exactly what you need and nothing more. If you don’t immediately have ideas on what to healthy meals to include in your menu, a quick google search of “quick healthy meals” is really useful.

       2. Find healthy alternatives 

Restructuring your diet may seem really daunting at first but the truth is, a lot of what you eat now can be made healthier simply by making a few changes for example, swapping out white bread for whole wheat bread, replacing soda with water, using olive oil or buying low fat pasta sauce. 


         3. Meal Prep 

Dedicate an hour or two on the weekend to preparing meals for the week. As well as preventing you from buying junk food over the course of the week, it’s also very time efficient and convenient. You won’t have to worry about what to eat after a long days of lectures. Not all vegetables do well in the fridge so be sure to check if they’re still good to eat.



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