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Eating at Warwick

Hi everyone I’ve not posted for a few weeks now so I have a lot I can talk about but I’ve decided to write this about eating at university. So I’m sure you are all aware that what comes with university, is not just living and studying but you are also in charge of your own food. Now for most of us this task can be quite daunting because I don’t know about you but I can hold my hands up and say my mum cooked the majority of my meals (I couldn’t help it her cooking is so good!) however I had to bite the bullet and start cooking!

So most students do their food shopping at Tesco which is located on the edge of campus at Cannon Park Shopping Centre however you also have the option of shopping at Iceland. Personally I would suggest that you should do you frozen food shopping at Iceland and everything else at Tesco. Not only are there supermarkets but there is also a Subway and a Costa if you just fancy and coffee and a sandwich (I hugely recommend costa at the moment because its Decemeber so they have christmas themed hot chocolates…..what’s not to like!).

If you don’t fancy travelling to Cannon Park the University has plenty to offer. There is Rootes Grocery Store which is located bang in the centre of campus which I often use to buy chocolate and cake because they have so much to offer as well as other foods! Near the grocery store there is Curiositea and Costa both coffee shops however I fully recommend Curiositea because it is so cosy and the quality of their food and drink is very good! There is also a number vending machines dotted around campus if you fancy a quick snack!

Now onto cooking. When you arrive at university it is always best to be prepared with as much cooking equipment you can carry. THe university provides you with two ovens and two hobs, two fridges and two freezers, a toaster, a microwave and lets not forget cupboard space. Cooking has turned out to be a part of my day that I look forward to. It is nice because you can cook what you fancy and eat what you want however try squeeze in some fruit and vegetables in there to put your mother’s mind at rest!

I hope that this has been helpful to you all, because there is so much avaliable at university if you have any questions about food just let me know.

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