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Easter so far…

Literally two weeks have already gone! Time is moving so quickly so make the most of easter everyone before exam season starts. Just thought I would write a blog about what I’ve been doing so far and what my plans are for the rest of easter.

So in my first week I went to Iceland with one of my best friends. For anybody who is thinking of going to Iceland it is absolutely amazing, such a strange but interesting place. Me and my friend stayed in Reykjavik during our stay, we explored the city, tried lots of amazing food and went on several trips e.g. the Golden Circle Tour and the Blue Lagoomn visit both were incredible. I definitely recommend going to the Blue Lagoon it is one of the 25 Wonders of the World and I absolutely understand why….it was phenomenal. Taking my first week of easter for myself was definitely a great decision after a 10 week term everyone needs a break to just relax and re-energise for exam season.

After being back a week I thought I’d better crack down and get some work done as this break I have three essays due and I really don’t want to fall behind. So far I have just been doing reading and research in preparation for my essay, I am starting with my law essay (as I am doing a law module ‘Social Theory of Law’) so I need to get to grips with the essay topic I will be writing about. I have also been to the cinema to watch Kong: Skull Island, in my opinion the action and story had potential and I love Tom Hiddleston but the writing was awful so I would say it was an average film. I have also been meeting up with friends and visiting family so this week has been nice and relaxed. I am currently in Leamington Spa because I have a part-time job so I am able to commute back during the weekend.

Next week I will be starting my first essay, I’m going shopping in Manchester with my mum and going on a night out in my home town with my friends. I will be aiming to get one essay done a week so that when term starts I can being my revision. As it is Easter, I am anxiously awaiting my Easter eggs this is my worst time of year I just eat, eat, eat haha! I have my mum and my sister’s birthday as well so better start getting some presents but it is also my Gran’s 85th birthday on Monday, which will be lovely. I will write another blog in a week or so and update you all on my essay progress.

Any questions about essays or exams don’t hesitate to email: mel_1996_100@hotmail.com

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