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Easter Revison: The Fun Starts Now!

So, in my last post I had a big ol’ moan about my then-upcoming lab report. In retrospect, I may have been over-reacting somewhat; the reveal of my topic came a few hours earlier than expected (for reference, I got the experiment that worked with results that didn’t) and I was able to reschedule my tutorial. With the help of some 80s classics on the radio, I submitted my final draft around 2 on the Thursday, well before the midnight deadline. It’ll be a while before the grades are released, but until then, at least, I can relax!

Speaking of relaxing, it’s the Easter hols at the moment. Coming back home after uni is always a bit weird as it takes a couple of days to adjust back to the rhythms of home life. Now I’ve some free time on my hands, I’m taking the first tentative steps towards revising for the exams. The uni released the provisional exam timetable on Wednesday, so I now know I have five exams in as many days at the start of June, most of which are three hours long. Fun times! I’m mostly looking over and consolidating my notes at this stage, with the aim of working out which bits I need to go over properly. Most of the lecturers have put up tutorial questions, examples classes and the like, so there’s a good amount of stuff to keep you busy. Second year exams are typically much later than first year ones, which gives the arguable advantage of more revision time.

For the last couple of weeks before the exams start, I’ll be putting together a formal revision timetable – I find that assigning myself an activity for the day makes it easier to avoid procrastination. Come exam time there’s a rush on library spaces, library books and lecturers’ office hours, so it’s always a good idea to work out where you stand before things start in earnest.

You can’t just work, though, so it’s good to have some fun stuff planned for the term. One of the things I haven’t done much of in my course yet is programming – the department have just realised this, and those starting Engineering this Autumn will now have a compulsory programming module in Year 1. We had a couple of labs playing with Arduino microcontrollers, though, which I quite enjoyed, so I went looking for a basic starter set online. Since it arrived, I’ve found a few ideas for simple projects online, including this little set of traffic lights. Lo and behold – my first experiment with coding!

GIF of LED traffic lights

Until next time,

Nathan L

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