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Easter Plans

It’s been great to be at home for the last couple of weeks now! I feel a lot more relaxed than I did at the end of term and its lovely to have some home comforts as well; after being in a student house I no longer take the dishwasher, a clean bathroom and my Mum’s home cooking for granted. My plans for Easter are fairly typical: just revision, relaxing and meeting up with friends and family.

Unfortunately, I have some exams during the first week back after Easter, so I am trying to do lots of work to make sure I am prepared for those, as well as for my exams in the summer. I like to make colourful revision posters covering all the topics in my modules, and then go on to do questions, past assignments and past papers to really prepare myself for sitting the exam. Although having exams straight away is nerve-racking, I keep telling myself it means I get a few out of the way early and so have less to sit during the main exam period!


I’ve talked before about how busy term can get and so since the start of the holiday I have been catching up on lots of sleep! It’s also been nice to work more at my own pace; my days are not governed by lectures anymore so I can be more flexible with when I work and when I take my breaks. Just being able to sit in front of the TV in an evening seems like a luxury compared to term time, since evenings at uni are my preferred times to do work. (Easter is also the perfect time to catch up on the TV and films I missed at university!)

Interspersed with revision, I have planned plenty of days out with my parents, and meet ups with friends from home and university. Last weekend we went to Scarborough and it was the best day enjoying the sunshine and, of course, a knickerbocker glory. I like having something to look forward to when I’m spending all day revising, and it makes me more productive if I know I have an exciting day trip coming up soon!


(photo credit: Amy Kynman)

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