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Easter Plans – What I want to get out of the break

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Hi Everyone

Our university Easter break is finally here! Whilst this typically means heading home straight away, I have stayed behind at uni for the first week to catch up with assignments and get a few essays over and done with. With that week now out of the way, I am back at my home town ready to relax and do some revision over these next four weeks. My general aim is to work and study during the weekdays, then use the weekends to socialise and hang out with friends. Here’s a rough outline of what I’m hoping to do each week:

26th March – 1st April

This week I want to get started on my final essay of the year and have an extensive plan written out for it. I would also like to start revising for my business exams and get the ball rolling on them – whilst the exams aren’t until May, I want to get a good head start on them all. Regarding the Easter weekend, I can hopefully spend it with my family and visit my girlfriend as well – who is unfortunately also studying for exams, albeit ones for her job in London!

2nd April – 8th April

Next week, there is a very important football game between my local team – Wycombe Wanderers – and Grimsby Town, which is crucial for Wycombe’s push into League One next season. Aside from my footballing endeavours, I would like to continue my revision for my business exams and begin writing my essay which is I will have hopefully planned for this week. In addition, I am hoping to spend that weekend relaxing and seeing some mates from home

9th April – 15th April

During this week, a few of my friends and I have a planned a trip to the local trampoline park! I haven’t been there since a couple of years ago, so it will be great to go back and enjoy it once again. Furthermore, similar to the preceding weeks, I would like to continue revision for both my language and business exams, and also be well on the way with my business essay.

16th April – 22nd April

For my final week of the Easter vacation period, I have booked to go to Copenhagen and stay with some of my friends from my year abroad. Luckily, two of them are now currently working in the Danish capital and have a place for me to stay whilst I do my first ever tour of the beautiful city. Whilst I’m there, I’m hoping to see its incredible canals and do as many ‘touristy’ things as possible before heading back home. This will likely be my last trip before the exam period kicks in, so I want to make the most of it and enjoy every second that I’m there.

So that’s all for my Easter plans – football, revision and a bit of travelling! I hope you also have a great Easter weekend/break and see you in my next blog

Auf Wiedersehen

Alex Humfryes | German and Business Studies Contact Alex

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