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Easter Plans 2018

Although we get a whole five weeks off, Easter is definitely my least favourite university holiday. This isn’t because I am averse to gorging myself on Easter eggs – far from it – but because it marks the start of my revision. Next term is an important one in terms of my third-year exams, especially as this year counts for 30% of my degree. Therefore, the majority of this holiday will be spent getting stuck into revising all my modules.

When revising a module, I first read over my lecture notes and then condense them onto colourful sheets. Using colour helps me to remember the key ideas, and I also tend to draw diagrams to explain difficult concepts. The final step is to practice applying the knowledge by attempting lots of exam questions and worksheets. Often a lecturer will have written the last few years of exams, so I find them particularly useful to get an idea of what sorts of questions to expect. The repetition definitely helps me consolidate the key information in my brain. Personally, I prefer to work alone in my room surrounded by all my notes and books. It means I have my own space to get stuck into a topic, but the kitchen (and the kettle) isn’t too far away either! I know some people struggle to concentrate at home and so have instead stayed on campus to revise. It’s important to work out where and when you work best before the revision period hits, so you can be as productive and efficient as possible.

Since I have three exams in the first two weeks back after Easter, the majority of my holiday will be spent at my desk working. However, taking meaningful breaks is my other priority! This past term has been long and tough and so I have organised some day trips out with friends and family to give myself a break and relax. I am hoping to catch up with friends from school, as well as have some day trips with my university friends. Around Easter I am going away with my family for a few days to a secret UK destination; I’m looking forward to finding out where we’re going!

Overall, it is lovely to be back home. Being independent and looking after myself at university is something I love, yet it is very comforting to be home and looked after again by my parents. The house is clean and warm, unlike my house in Leamington, and I am enjoying being spoilt a little! I’m sure my parents will get bored of me being back soon and stop indulging me with nice meals and not having to wash up, but until then I am taking full advantage of it!

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