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Easter Plans


It feels like not too long ago I was preparing for my first-year exams and now I’m already nearing the end of my second year!

The title of this blog is a bit misleading since I actually have very little planned out for the break aside from revisions and seeing friends from home. Still, I thought that letting you know how I plan to fill up my time could be useful, since before coming to university I was a bit horrified at the prospect of being trusted to study independently for a full five weeks away from campus!


 So, what do I need to get done over this break? I’m taking an International Law module and 40% of my grade for it depends on an essay I need to complete before the end of April, as well as two essays for my Writing Human Rights module which makes up 100% of my grade. To give you a bit of an idea of the types of essays you might work on if you pick similar modules, for International Law I’m writing about the contribution of Feminist Approaches to International, and for Writing Human Rights we are free to write a creative piece about any human rights topic we are interested in, so I am doing lots of research on homelessness in the UK and starting to plan out that essay.

 Besides coursework, exams are also approaching! For now, it seems like mine will take place between the end of May to mid-June, which is great as it gives me quite a lot of time to prepare for them. On the flipside, I remember the revision period last year being quite exhausting since it went on for so long, so hopefully I’ll feel more energized this year! 🙂 I’ve also posted a blog on revision tips if any of you are interested (https://our.warwick.ac.uk/study-tips-for-law-exams/). I already have a pile of index cards with case names steadily growing on my desk.

Strangely I am both more and less worried than last year about exams. First year was scary partly just because of how different studying Law is from high school exams. This year, I’m a slightly more relaxed since I know a bit more about how I learn best for Law, but I also found the content of our modules more challenging this year, so I’m definitely having to spend extra time on each topic.

Last week, I finally entered in my module choices for final year! We only have one core module next year, so I got to pick lots of optional ones to fill up my CATS. I will admit it was difficult picking modules knowing that it would be my last year of university, and they would be my last modules studied at Warwick. But I’m quite happy with the ones I picked and I’m looking forward to them!


Let me know if you have any questions about Warwick, my course, or anything else! 🙂

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