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Easter part 2

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having an amazing Easter I know that I definitely am despite the weather and the fact that I can still feel that cold haha! So basically in my last blog I just spoke about my Easter plans and essay plans and I said that I would write another blog about how my Easter is going and what I’ve been up to 🙂 this blog might also be of interest in any students wanting to travel 😀

So first…….Iceland! I went to visit with one of my best friends for 5 days it was absolutely incredible because Iceland is such a strange and amazing place. The weather was absolutely dreadful but is was completely covered in snow….in March but I’m not complaining because I love snow. We stayed in Reykjavik the main city, there are so many restaurants and shops, you can go on a tour bus (which we did) and it takes you around the main attractions in the city. The mountains looked beautiful and the water was so blue but it looked freeeeeezing. We went on the Golden Circle Tour where we saw the Geysers and waterfalls it was crazy! We went out for some fabulous meals, but I have to recommend the best thing……soup IN a bread bun! It was a giant bowl shape made of bread with soup in and it tastes absolutely amazing…definitely what you need on a cold day. Then we finished the holiday off with the Blue Lagoon (one of the 25 Wonders of the World) which took our breath away! If you’re wanting to visit Iceland is expensive but you can definitely do it in a weekend so I highly recommend.

I spent a short week planning and doing background reading for my law essay, quite a difficult essay but the topic is really interesting because it is about animal rights! I’ve got two other essays to get done as well: Practice and Interpretation of Quantitative Research 2000 words and Consumer Cultures in Global Capitalism 3000 words. I’ve got the next few weeks to finish them but it is important to just keep working and adding to your essays so that you don’t stress. I’ve also been working at Bravissimo in Leamington Spa (a recently acquired part time job that I absolutely love) I have been commuting back on weekends its such a fab job!

Finally last piece of news, I went on a spontanous holiday to Spain for four days with my mum haha. We went to Alcudia in Majorca which is an absolutely gorgeous place. I definitely recommend going in Easter because it is really off-peak so it is lovely and quiet and the beach is gorgeous, which you can have all to yourself. The port is lovely and we stayed in a lovely hotel as well. Majorca is such a lovely place, me and my mum went on a bike ride to Pollensa, which is a beautiful old town. It was so relaxing and such a breath of fresh air 🙂

Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter and have a fab Easter weekend!!

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