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Easter holidays

Welcome back! I hope you’ve all had a nice Easter break. I’m sure that it hasn’t been completely study-free (it certainly hasn’t for me!), but hopefully you’ve had some time to relax and recharge the batteries, and you’re now ready to take on the final term of this academic year.  

I had a lovely Easter break. We had some fab weather, and it was also my birthday a few days before the bank holiday weekend, so I spent the Sat-Mon of the bank holiday weekend away from the books and out and about with my family. I started the weekend with a champagne brunch at Loch Fyne, in Knowle.

Then, we went in to Coventry city centre to visit the ruins of the old Cathedral. We didn’t take a trip up the spire on this visit, but I have been up there previously, and it offers some fab views over the city. 

My main reason for going into the centre of Coventry was to see the Knife Angel monument, which was on display outside the new Cathedral. The monument took 4 years to make, is 27-feet tall and is made up of 100,000 weapons removed from UK streets. It was very moving to see. It seems like, day in day out, there are stories on the news of lives being lost due to knife crime. Hopefully, as the Knife Angel is displayed in cities around the UK, it will not only raise awareness of this issue, it will also highlight the devastating effect knife crime is having on our nation.  

From Coventry we headed straight over to Leamington Spa, to Turtle Bay (Caribbean restaurant). This was my first visit and I was very impressed. The service was great, the ambiance was fab, and the food and frozen strawberry daiquiris were delicious. We’ll definitely be going back!  

Easter Sunday started with a very excited 2-year-old trying to open all her Easter eggs in one go! After a little bit of chocolate, it was off to 10 o’clock Mass. After that, the day pretty much consisted of eating chocolate, seeing family and going out for dinner – so it was pretty relaxing, and we didn’t have to do any cooking or dishes, so that was a bonus!

Bank holiday Monday was another day of sunshine, so we had a trip to Abbey Fields, in Kenilworth. It’s one of my favourite parks. It’s great for kids, you can grab a coffee, there are plenty of paths and fields to have a nice walk and let your little one burn off some energy, and you can feed the ducks and swans. 

We ended our trip to Kenilworth with a late lunch at the Chef and Brewer. Besides a relatively long wait for food, it was an enjoyable meal and a nice end to our weekend. 

Now, it’s back to the reality of student life! I’ve got 3 more assignments to submit before the end of term. Then, that’s it for assignments, until the next academic year, when I start the final year of my Foundation Degree – yikes!! 


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