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Easter Break!

We are on the run up to Easter weekend soon but are there any Easter Eggs in my room…….no? My mum is coming down on the day before Good Friday and I am hoping she brings me down some chocolate, I feel like I deserve some since this is officially my last term of lectures at university (tears) and I luckily have no exams this year, which a lot of my friends are hating me for haha but to be fair, I am being very smug about it!

However, because I have no exams that means that I have got a truck load of work to do over Easter so it looks like I’ll be staying in Leamington for most of it. This term I took these modules: Punishment, Justice and Control, Social Movements and Political Action, Feminist Pedagogy/Feminist Activism and my Dissertation. I definitely recommend taking the feminism module because it is completely different to any module you will ever do, the lecturer Akwugo Emejulu’s teaching style is very much focussed on encouraging us to work as a collective which is why part of the assessment is to Co-ordinated an International Women’s Day event as one big group. For this module I have a 3000 word essay in which I have to interview 3 feminists and write about their pedagogical strategies and how they understand feminism. For Punishment, Justice and Control I also have a 3000 word essay, I have chosen to do an essay question on prison and why we punish poor people more often. For Social Movements and Political Action I also have a 3000 word essay on the Arab Springs and Neoliberalism. Then finally my 10,000 word dissertation- which is on gender and vegetarianism. It’s fine….I am fine, I may be sweating a little bit but I have a few months to get all this done so planning and time management will be key!

It’s not all going to be work over Easter of course because if you have read my previous blogs I talk about managing university and a social life, so that is definitely what I will be doing! This week my friend from home is coming down to spend my last weekend partying at Smack Thursday and Neon Friday, in between of course we will be going to Birmingham Bullring to do some shopping and also sleeping to cope with the late nights haha! I also have my final Warwick Women’s Netball meal on Wednesday with my girls <3 I’m going to be so sad to leave them but hopefully we are going to squeeze in a couple of training sessions in term 3.

Over Easter though I have got some great plans too! Next Thursday my mum is coming down and then we are driving down to Cornwall to visit my sister for a week, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed her since she decided to move down there. I have never been to Cornwall (I don’t think) so she is taking me on a tour of the countryside, taking us to Plymouth and all of her favourite restaurants/cafes, so I am super excited. Plus I get to see my mum as well <3. Then I’ll be back at uni for a week or so. I’m trying to convince my mum to let me keep the car because I will be driving back up to my hometown on the 14th April for one of my best friend’s 21st party! It is going to be amazing as I get to see lots of friends from home/high school and go on a night out after!

That unfortunately will be my last trip up until my final deadline on the 9th May because I really need to get my head down and give myself one last push before I finish university. Luckily though, I live with three other third year students who will also be coming back and fourth from Leamington so we will undoubtedly plan to go for coffees or even study together. Also I think that my bestie from second year of uni who is currently on her year abroad in France is coming to visit in April which will be amazing and we’ve talked about going to my other flatmates house down South, which if it happens will be really lovely! But yeh this Easter is definitely going to be a busy one in terms of work, plus I will still be doing my part-time job at Bravissimo on the weekend, but that is a good thing because it gives me a break from studying.

I hope you all have an amazing final week this week and also a fun Easter break! Make the most of it you first/second years because you’ll have a lot less free time when you hit third year!

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