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Easter, assessments and Australia!

Hi All

I am sure you will empathise with the feeling of time running through your fingers, there is never enough of it unless you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Father Christmas of course. Easter break is upon us, almost, and five weeks to catch up with ourselves and our academic workload, I though am catching a plane instead and jetting off to Australia for part of the holiday. You poor thing I hear you cry..no? Take heart, we land on Saturday and the forecast is for rain.

Work will be coming with me and I have got various gadgets to attach to my tablet so it is more like a small laptop. The best is a memory stick that fits both the tablet and a usual sized device, brilliant!! Just hope all this stuff works. In between slaving away at the keyboard (another attachment) I shall be visiting the Hunter Valley for a few days. This is a wine region just slightly north of Sydney, if you have bought a bottle of MacGuigan wine it will be from this region. We will be staying in a house/bungalow which is situated within walking distance of three cellar doors so I am not anticipating much work during these days. I could pretend that it is in the name of research and change my dissertation to something around the production of alcohol but that wouldn’t be the case. There is also a chocolatier nearby, great for Easter and I believe, a ‘cheese shop’. My husband is a big Monty Python fan, as am I, and he knows all of their sketches by heart so renditions of the Cheese Shop sketch will be made. Seriously though it will be great to catch up with family and friends there and enjoy time in their company.

Last week, in preparation for assignment writing in the holidays, I made an appointment with Tina, the academic writing guru. I have to say it was worth every minute. Tina gave me some tips and pointers for future essay writing and also some great web-sites to visit. If you feel you need some encouragement or maybe a bit of polishing to get you up to the next marking level don’t hesitate to make use of this service.

Ah well best be away as I have to get so much to do and so little time to do it. My next post will be from Australia, all being well and hopefully I will work out how to attach a picture!!

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