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Easter and Exams

I am currently almost one week into my Easter holidays so I wanted to give you all a little update about university, revisions and rest 🙂

This whole year has gone by in a flash and I cannot believe that Term 2 is already over! Somehow it went by even faster than Term 1. I think this is because by now I have truly settled into university life, so during Term 2 I decided to explore the opportunities on campus a bit more. I participated in a Witness Examination Competition organized by the Law Society which was incredibly fun (especially preparing for it late at night and eating ice cream in the library with a friend), I attended the Law Ball, got more involved in new societies, became a student blogger, not to mention I got to explore campus under the snow which was lovely. The start of this term was also marked by a considerable amount of time spent house-hunting with my future flat-mates which was both a fun and slightly stressful experience. Something that has had a big impact on this term for most students have also been the strikes. A majority of my seminar tutors and lecturers participated in the strikes so my contact hours shrunk by quite a lot! However this has forced me to be more organized to not fall behind on the course and start planning for exams and an essay I have to write for Legal Theory earlier. And of course the extra free time helped with all the activities mentioned above!

For the holidays, I am staying home in France with my family and I am hoping to get most of my revisions done now so I don’t feel too pressured over Term 3. As a first-year Law student, I have one 3,000 words essay to write, and three exams to prepare for (Criminal Law, Property, and Tort Law). I like to study by rewriting all of my notes until I have them memorized. By rewriting and re-phrasing everything, I am forced to pick out the essential parts and work through the more complex areas to get some coherent notes. I will be honest and say that this can be quite a time-consuming process, but I have found that this is what works best for me and it helps me structure my revisions. What has struck me about university is how independent studying has become. Back in high school, I regularly had to revise what we had studied in order to prepare for tests and projects, but now there aren’t really any such deadlines there to remind me to go over everything. This was a bit challenging at first, but I’ve grown to appreciate it as it gives me much more freedom in how I study, although it does mean being a bit more organized and autonomous than in previous years. Since the time to pick our second-year modules is coming up as well, I’m doing some research into modules that seem interesting to me while I have some time.

However, I’m also taking some breaks from studying to rest and meet up with my friends or just spend time with my family. My friends from high school are spread out over the world this year, so times when we can all meet up are rare and precious. I’m also trying to learn how to cook a few more simple meals to branch out from my beloved pasta, cheese omelets, and stir-fried rice during Term 3.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about university!

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