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Easing back into campus life – What’s new?

Annika Sirikulthada | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Annika

In many ways term one can be seen as a transitional period – a limbo like period as we slowly eased and settled ourselves into University life. Thus, returning to the University after winter break for many first years may still seem rather daunting; in light of this, I have decided to construct a blog which will outline all the opportunities that are still available to you in this second term. If you have treated the first term as a relaxed and non-commitment based term; helping you customize to your new surroundings, you may now wish to branch out and witness all the other activities, sports and societies warwick has to offer. If so, this blog is perfect for you!


  1. Academic based opportunities: Here in Warwick, the opportunities that are tied in with our studies are endless. If you have not been attending careers fairs and workshops in the previous term, then right now may be the perfect time to start. While many people believe that attending these events may add pressure to our thinking of the future, it can actually prove to generate the opposite effect: attending these thought provoking sessions will not only introduce you to a range of experienced academics, but will also reassure you that the opportunities tied to your future are countless. Writing from experience, I can confirm that my attendance of the Politics Careers fair and workshops have greatly aided my understanding of what Employees are looking for, whilst also reassuring me about the future.

  2. Societies: For those of you who are studying under the social sciences umbrella and are therefore entitled to a great deal of free time, I highly suggest that you join as many societies as you can! When I first joined UNICEF, I had no idea that in a months time I would be part of the executive committee, planning and organising fundraising events. The past three months I have had with this society has been amazing and so, if anyone is considering joining a society, I highly recommend that you do so! When it comes to joining societies, one piece of advice I can share is that urging you to join a range of societies. For example, one sports based, one academic based and perhaps one welfare based – this will introduce you to a range of different people and will make keep you in touch with the diverse elements of campus life. 

  3. Part time working: At Warwick, there are many opportunities for students to gain a part time job, this will not only increase your understanding of the real world but will also help your organization and responsibility based skills. So, if you find yourself with a lot of free time and are interested in working part time, I highly suggest you check out the UNITEMPS website for more information.


I hope that this blog has proved to you that there is still so much campus life has to offer and that you should rarely find yourself with nothing to do! As always if you have any questions about this blog or in general please feel free to contact me and thank you for reading.


Annika Sirikulthada | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Annika

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