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Earth Day 2020: My Favourite Plastic-Free Products

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The environment is something that has become very important to me in the last six months. I have always been relatively environmentally conscious; I never leave the tap running when I brush my teeth, and I’ve made a decent effort in terms of recycling. However, this year I made the decision to take this a step further and start making the move towards plastic-free products. The mountains of plastic floating in our oceans aren’t something to ignore, and I want my grandchildren and their children to live in a world where marine life still flourishes. For that reason, in around November I started switching to plastic-free bathroom products. It’s a work in progress, but since it’s Earth Day I thought it would be the ideal time to share my results so far: 


1) Shampoo and conditioner

Solid shampoo was the first product I switched, and it’s taken me a while to find the right product for my hair. The first shampoo bar I bought was from a herbalist shop in Florence, and while it smelled lovely (and was a bargain at only 4 euros!) the amount of oil in it made my hair really greasy! I stuck at it for a while, since I’d read that the ‘waxies’ were a common side effect of switching to solids. I even tried an apple cider rinse, but with no results. After a couple of months, I decided to switch to a Lush bar. 

The one I bought, on the advice of the sales consultant, was ‘Flyaway Hair’ ( 

This was a lot more expensive at 12 euros (£8 in English shops), but after just one wash my hair was feeling so much better, and not greasy at all! Since it seemed to work for me, when I got back to England I bought a conditioner bar too (  which smells great, but takes a little work to lather into my hair. 

Unfortunately  Lush aren’t doing online orders during the lockdown, so when I ran out of my shampoo I couldn’t buy the same one again. I went hunting on Amazon and found the ‘Shine On’ bar:

At less than £6 this was a steal, but I was a little sceptical about whether it would do a good enough job. However, I’ve used it twice and I’ve got to say (sorry Lush!) I don’t think I’ll be going back! Not only has it been the best one for my hair so far, but the bar is much more solid than the Lush one, so I feel like it’s going to last me longer. I’ve even had compliments off my boyfriend about how good my hair looks, so it must be working! 


2) Body wash

I have really sensitive skin (as in have to use steroid cream for eczema flare-ups sensitive) so finding liquid products for my body is hard enough, let alone plastic-free alternatives. I started off with a bar from what is basically the Italian equivalent of Savers. It was about 3 euros and smelled like a bakewell tart, so win-win! Since coming back, I’ve run out and am now using ( which I found at Homesense. Although I love the smell, my skin has been irritated by both the bars I’ve used, so this is definitely a work in progress at the moment! However, for those lucky people who don’t have sensitive skin, I would recommend the Freshwater Farm bar if you can find it because it smells great, and was about £2 when I got it. 


3) Face scrub 

The face bar I’m using is this one:

 (another Homesense find) and it is hands down my favourite plastic-free product so far! Again, an absolute bargain and it has left my skin so, so soft! I’ve had it since December and it’s barely got a dent in it, so I know it’ll last me ages. It is probably the best face product I’ve ever used to be honest, 10/10. 

4) Moisturiser 

I asked my Dad for plastic-free moisturiser for Christmas, and he got me this one:

It smells like bananas (yum) and is really hydrating! My only tiny issue with this product is that it’s quite oily in texture, and does take a while to absorb. Other than that, I absolutely love it! 

5) Deodorant

This last one is something that I have again struggled with due to my sensitive skin. I bought

which smells really good, and seemed to be working well as a deodorant. Unfortunately something in it really irritated my skin, and I’ve had to switch back to an aerosol until I can try something else. I’m not willing to give up, though, so watch this space! 


So, that’s the run down of my progress to plastic-free over the last few months. I hope I can persuade some of you to make at least one small switch in your daily lives. I’m a firm believer that if we all do one or two small things to aid the environment, we can help make a real dent in the huge problems that are happening worldwide… after all, there is no planet B! 


PS: If anyone has some plastic-free products they’ve enjoyed using, feel free to post them in the comments 🙂 





Rebecca Preedy | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe Contact Rebecca

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