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Drinking, Part B: Curing the Hangover

Now that you’ve had a good night playing the games in my previous blog (https://our.warwick.ac.uk/drinking-part-a-games/), it’s time to cure that hangover! Good luck, chum.

The Prep

First thing to do after you get ready is to prepare some water and pop it next to your bed for when you get home. Trust me, you’re going to want it, either when you get back or when you wake up at 5 am with a dry mouth. Just don’t make the same mistake I did when I was 18 and mistake last night’s glass of vodka-lemonade for water.


This one is simple. Have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks. Heard this one before? Yes. Does anyone do it? No. Do they then regret it the next morning? Yes.

The Next Day

  1. Catch up on your sleep. Chances are, you had a broken night due to the alcohol. Now is your excuse to sleep in, because your body needs to recover. If you’re tired later on, have a nap. This is the one day you get to be lazy.
  2. Avoid dairy. Having dairy after a night out is a big no-no. I did it once and felt instantly sick. I then discovered that you’re really not meant to. Perhaps skip the cereal and opt for toast instead.
  3. Load up on carbs. Yep, that toast is looking good now. Carbs will sort your stomach out, so you won’t feel sick, and they’ll give you a bit of slow-release energy. It’s really important to eat something in the morning even if you don’t feel like it. Trust me, having a bit of bread or a bagel will absolutely make you feel better.
  4. Hydrate. Don’t be a fool.
  5. Wrap up. Throw on a jumper because, depending how hard you went last night, you might be feeling pretty shivery. It’s vital to keep warm so your body can deal with removing the alcohol instead of maintaining a decent body temperature. 

Feel free to leave your best tips in the comments section so other people can benefit. I’ve just summarised mine, but I’m sure everyone has their own method for dealing with the aftermath of a night out. Good luck!

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