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Dos and Don’ts with transport

Ok so now that I am in second year and live in Leamington I have to get the U1 stagecoach bus to uni but before I went into my second year, I would have loved some advice on the dos and don’ts when it comes to getting the bus:

1. The worst time to get a bus is during the early rush hour usually 7am-9am and evening rush hour usually 4pm-6pm because it is usually around 20-25 minutes but in traffic can be as long as 1 hour 15 minutes.

2. If you’re on campus don’t get the bus on the hour because that is when lots of people will finish lectures and will want to get the bus so it will be really busy. Similarly, don’t get the bus bang on the hour in Leamington, if your lecture starts at 1pm for example, I would get the bus around 12:15, there should be less people.

3. When queuing up for the bus always be on the left hand side of the actual bus stop because the driver usually pulls up after and if it’s really busy you might have to stand up. This is the same for south leamington opposite the parish church, however in north leam the bus usually pulls up before the bus stop, so I would say be on the right hand side then again it isn’t my usual stop so I could be wrong.

4. Don’t bring a car to university, I know it is tempting I would have loved to be driving at uni but it can often cause more hassle. I’ve often heard from friends that they’ve missed lectures because there isn’t a parking space on campus. You aren’t guaranteed a spot on campus, plus you have to pay daily parking fees, which go up the longer you stay on campus.

5. If you’re a first year, try and avoid living in north leamington because it is much harder to get a bus during busy hours, often the bus drives past bus stops because it is too full. If you currently live in north leamington, I would recommend walking down to some of the earlier busy stops, they aren’t that far away and if you’re in a rush you’re more likely to get on one.

Hope this helps, any questions don’t worry just email me:

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