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Don’t Forget to Pack!

It might seem like a long way off at the moment but in packing for university, there’s a lot to remember. I found that despite careful planning, I was still rushing out to the shops the day before I was set to leave for those final few bits and pieces that had eluded me on all the previous supply runs.

Your probably moving out to live on your own for the first time which means you need to pack more carefully than if you were just going for a week away. You’ll need the essentials, pots and pans, bedding, food, stationery etc. but then there will also be those few things that escape your consideration. So I thought it would be worth talking about some of the more obscure things that seem to swoop under the radar.



During the term either you or one of your flatmates will want to bake at some point. I can all but guarantee it.

Unfortunately this means you’ll be needing scales and I think I was the only one in my flat who had brought some with me. They would often go missing from my cupboard but I was given cake as compensation so I can’t really complain.

So scales are the way forward if you want to be the go to person in the kitchen!


Cling Film

Another kitchen essential that will get you off to a good start with your flatmates. I try to use cling film as sparingly as possible to take into account the environmental impact but it’s always useful to have a roll to spare in the kitchen cupboard and this was another thing that was often being borrowed.


Clothes Airer

This was one that I forgot to pack before heading off to university and, believe me, it’s a lot easier to buy this stuff at home rather than trying to find it in Tesco’s at Canon Park once everyone else has already raided the supply. It will save you a significant amount on your laundry if your not paying to use the tumble dryers all the time and I think we can all think of more exciting ways to spend our money.


Food Containers

I had a good supply of food boxes, resealable bags and other storage items when I moved into university but I also underestimated how much I would be prepping my meals ahead. It’s worth having more than you think you need so that you’re never caught out and a plastic box is a practical convenience that you can use for so many things other than food as well.

Versatility will be your friend at university.


Clothes Pegs

With that in mind, I also found that a supply of clothes pegs was useful to have. I don’t think I ever used them for clothes but they were always handy to have around for the random uses that came up throughout the year.


The Non-Essentials

I’m sure there are many more essentials that I’ve forgotten (once again) but I think it’s also important to take a moment to consider the non-essentials. In first year I made sure to have posters and books to decorate my room and my parents gave me a plant which I have somehow kept alive and is a nice addition to the room.

In second year I had to go out and pick up some simple flat pack furniture (just a bookshelf and a bedside table) which pointed out how useful it is just to have a simple tool kit. My room this year looked as it does in the main picture above for about a week (it was hell!) because I found that I was lacking a hammer only halfway through trying to put the bookcase together!

And a final tip, if you buy a lampshade for a bare bulb at a new house in later years, make sure it’s the right size.

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