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Don’t Forget to Pack these Things!

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A few items to remember to pack for your first year at university!


A really nice and simple way to get to know people early on!


This is great for kitchen pre-drinks with the flat – almost everyone forgets this so it might just make you the most popular flatmate!

Cheap Shoes/Trainers

Foam/paint parties and even just Pop are a whole lot of fun but will most likely leave your shoes unrecognisable by the end of the night. So, if you don’t want to ruin your favourite Fila’s, definitely grab some cheap trainers before you come to uni – some £3.00 sneakers from Primark will do the job!

Kitchen Things…

Some easy-to-forget pieces in the kitchen include: baking trays (great for frozen food or a pizza when you’re feeling a bit tired), tin openers, a sharp knife, a chopping board and scales for the bakers amongst you! Although, don’t worry too much – anything you forget to bring with you a flatmate is bound to be able to lend you until you’re able to get your own!

TIP: Try your best to bring recognisable cutlery/kitchen utensils, tea towels etc. so your things don’t go mysteriously missing in your communal kitchen! Also, don’t worry about microwaves, toasters and kettles – all these things are provided.


For the nights when you’re not feeling like going out until morning but the flat above/below/next-door to you does, pack some good headphones so you can still get your work done/have a relaxing evening in!


You might be so excited for university that you forget there’s going to be a lot of work! Particularly, for those with seminars or who are planning to hand-write a lot of their notes, it can be great to have some empty folders ready. So, when you’ve suddenly got a whole bunch of loose papers you can rest assured you’ve got a safe and organised place for all of your hard work.

A stapler and hole puncher are also two great things to have to hand.

Extension Lead

Usually the bedrooms are kitted out with plugs in all the right places but, just in case, an extension lead is an easy thing to bring along – especially if you have lots of gadgets to charge! They can also be great to have in the kitchen, so you and a few other flatmates can plug your laptops in and work at the table together.


Soon university is going to be your home-away-from-home, but to make it just that, bring some of the things you love. Framed photos can be a nice addition to your bedside table or work desk and why not throw in a couple of cushions and some fairy lights? Another great way to make your bedroom your own is the drawing board that comes in most of Warwick’s bedrooms. Bring along a few drawing pins and you can decorate this board with printed photos or posters to make your new room your own.

TIP: Look out for poster and art fairs in the Piazza to find some quirky and affordable art for your room.

Laundry Bag

So you don’t have to walk to the launderette holding all your dirty laundry…

Small suitcase/overnight bag

For trips home or to visit your friends’ universities.

A Winter Coat

Even though you might be leaving home in September, don’t forget to pack some December-friendly clothes for the end of term! Likewise, in Term 2 – don’t forget to bring some clothes ready for Spring!

I hope this list is helpful and if there’s anything you think I’ve forgotten,  I’d love to hear in the comments!

IndonesiaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Laeticia Junanto | Mathematics (MMath) with Study in Europe Contact Laeticia

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