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Doggy destress day is literally the cutest event on campus

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Hi everyone,

It is already Week 7! Three weeks to go until Easter break and then the exam season that every fresher is dreading for is going to begin. I deserve a punch in the face for being so pessimistic at the beginning of the post, so I apologise.

So, like every other week, I have tons of coursework to do, but this week especially I was piled up with work since I had been sick whole of last week (the refresher’s week hit me quite late, eh) and so had to catch up on all my pending work. On top of that, I had a test in Operations Management, one of my modules, yesterday, so had to study for that too. Operations management is one of my favourite modules this term, as its very interesting and taught in a unique way. In addition to our module leaders, we are taught by guest lecturers, who give us an insight into the workings of their organisations. Their lectures provide us with real life examples of how the various frameworks we are studying in the course, apply to their organisations. Majority of our seminars include reading case studies, working in excel and participating in fun yet informative group work activities. Just last week, for instance, we had to work in groups and make paper planes and calculate the efficiency of the operation, each time. We had to try to figure out the best and fastest way to make them. The lecturers are amazing too–they play music at the beginning of the lecture and in the breaks, so be sure to attend every lecture (you don’t want to miss out on cheeky snapchats lol). To make the most out of the module, it is essential to be active and engaging.

Anyway, getting down to the post, I decided to par with my books and head down to the IKEA Membership Space, in the Warwick Student Union for the popularly known, ‘Doggy Destress Day’. It is organised by the Raising and Giving Society, in collaboration with The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK), as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. It is an amazing opportunity for students to relax and spend some time with the pups while raising money for an amazing charity.

To avoid queuing up to meet the dogs, it is advised to book a time slot so I had overenthusiastically booked mine for 11 AM.

Upon reaching there and seeing the dogs, I was filled with warmth and gushy feelings. As soon as my turn came, I turned into a squeaky 11-year-old as I felt my voice becoming high pitched, while showcasing my love for the dogs. I clung to one dog, called Gip, who was an adorable ten-month golden Labrador, and did not let him go even after the five minutes were up and my turn was over. Apart from Gip, there were around five dogs, all moderately trained. There were three labradors, full of energy and enthusiasm, all jumping and wagging their tails to be surrounded by so many people.


Meeting those dogs was the highlight of my day and probably will be the highlight of my week too.

The Doggy destress Day is literally the most adorable event of the year and you cannot afford to miss it. If you were unable to attend today’s event, however, don’t be devastated because there’s one next term as well! And, next term is the exam season and so dogs will be in high demand, so make sure to save the date and book your place early! Even though you get to spend only five minutes with the dogs, its definitely worth it!!

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a lovely day xx

Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

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