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Does University get easier with time?

The other day I went to my first ever Circle Event- despite being in third year, I have never been to one before. While I was waiting in the queue for the girls toilets (which is forever ridiculously long!) I started chatting to some Freshers and even some second years. When they realised I was third year, they started asking me questions. That’s when I realised that (despite feeling like I am still a Fresher myself), to them, I was like a fountain of knowledge.

I got asked questions such as:

“Am I boring for not going to every Freshers event?”

“Does the work load get more or less?”

“Does the University mark harshly?”

“How hard is it to get a First?”

“If I lose my I.D, where do I go to get a new one?”

And the biggest one was: “Does University get any easier?”

The answer to this is yes. And no. Here I shall explain why and how!

Does my University Course get easier?


  • You learn the syllabus
  • You start to understand exactly what your seminar tutors want from you
  • You learn how you should write your essays/ or take exams
  • And you work out who to go to when you need help.
  • This comes with time, but you will start feeling more at home, more confident in seminars and (fingers crossed) start to learn and understand what you’re being taught.


I still read sources and think “huh?” or walk into seminars and worry I’m the only one that isn’t getting the point, or understanding the conversation.

For starters- you’re not! Usually other people are sat there thinking exactly the same thing, but are hiding it pretty well

Plus, I have got a mixture of firsts, two-ones and two-twos over my time at University- don’t let it knock your confidence if you don’t get what you want. The feedback you get is what will make your next essay/ exam result better. There is no sugar-coating it, University can be hard. Really hard.

So yes it does get easier, but it also requires improvement continually.

Does the social side of University get easier?


If you’re a Fresher then you are most definitely still making friends. But over the last two years, I have made new friends continually. I still see people on my course and think “I have never seen you before” and we’ve been in the same lectures for two years straight.

Freshers Week is undeniably manic. But this does die down. There will be points people go out more than others. Your schedule will not be full of events the entire year!

You will find your ‘group’, the people you walk to and from lectures with, the people you sit in the lecture theatres with and those who you sit next to in seminars. This makes everything a lot easier as you can message them if you have a query or offload when a course seems a little confusing.

You are not expected to go to every event. You can take a night to get work done, to sit and watch Netflix or even just to sleep. That’s totally acceptable.


Some people like going out more than others. There will always be the option to go out, go to a social or event. That’s where individual situations come into play- you should never feel obliged to go out, go out when it suits you.

Does navigating my way around campus get easier?


Most definitely. There will always be places you haven’t been to before, but the Campus Interactive Map is brilliant at giving you directions!

Does managing my money get easier through out the year?


Freshers is the most expensive time of the year- there are so many opportunities, events and reasons to spend money. It does get easier.


I have always had a ‘buffer’ for University for those unexpected bills or in case I get caught out and need to pay for something then and there. My tip for University is to be prepared for a little unexpected expense. Such as a house deposit. This time of year, Freshers and second years are starting to think about where they will live in the following year. Or even a buffer for text books. The way I think of it is like an umbrella: if you take an umbrella on a grey day- it probably won’t rain. If you don’t take one- it almost definitely will. What I’m trying to say is: if you have a little buffer- you probably won’t need it, but better safe than sorry!

University DOES overall get easier- you make friends, you have a routine and you know what you need to do. However, University is tough- so embrace the challenge and do the best you can, while making awesome memories along the way!

I hope this helped- please feel free to leave any questions in the comment section!

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