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Doable New Years Resolutions

Well. What a year. I think it’s time to look to 2021 and come up with some New Year’s Resolutions, don’t you?

  1. Stop Complaining

Everyone has been banging on about how awful their life is since the pandemic hit, but I reckon the people making the most noise are those who are least affected. Rather than being miserable that you’re stuck at home, be thankful you get to spend time with your family (or friends, if you’re still living at Uni.). Instead of grumbling over washing your hands and wearing a mask, appreciate the fact your nose isn’t getting cold in the winter weather! Anything can be turned into a positive, if you try hard enough. I know it’s miserable and everyone has been joking about the year we’ve now reached the end of, but now that there is a vaccine, things will improve. You just have to hang tight and turn that frown upside down. Look after your mental health!

  1. Get Fitter

No, don’t join the gym in the middle of a pandemic, for goodness sake. And I’m not saying reach a size 8 or only eat salads for 5 days of the week. I’m suggesting you get fitter. That means improving your level of fitness from what it is now. Do yoga once a week, go for a run every second day – it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it. ‘Getting fit’ is such a lame cliché. What does that actually mean? One person’s ‘fit’ is not the same as another person’s ‘fit’. So get fitter. It’s good for you and gives you a nice break from staying indoors eating roast potatoes.

  1. Get Healthier

Munch fewer ready meals and takeaways. Eat some fruit and more veg. I, along with the experts, advise veg over fruit as there’s less sugar (and probably fewer calories, but don’t start counting those otherwise you’ll become the nuts you won’t eat)! Again, this isn’t a ‘get healthy’ kind of thing, it’s simply toning bad things down and increasing the good things. If you’re a meat eater, try implementing more vegetarian meals – the planet, the animals and your wallet will thank you. As for vegetarians, have a think about cutting down on your eggs and cheese (and honey). Vegans, vegan junk food is on the rise… Don’t give in! All of you can try cooking food from scratch. Give your mum a break and offer to cook for once. Really pour your heart and soul into it to make something delicious and nutrient dense. You don’t even need to buy cookbooks these days; a quick online search is bursting with recipes. What are you waiting for?!

  1. Begin Appreciating

Similar to New Year’s Resolution No. 1, have a think about what you’re grateful for and find ways to appreciate things you perhaps missed previously. Changing up your outlook will definitely improve your mood. If you’re seriously committed, try writing one thing down a day so you can look back on these nice things when you’re feeling low. Mentally listing them when you’re trying to sleep is also nice so you can go to sleep and wake up feeling cheerful.

  1. Work

Take a step closer towards your work goal. If you’re aiming to enter university, work out some study resolutions (or I can provide the ones I have stuck on my wall) to reach that target. If you’re at uni., come up with a plan to ensure you watch your lectures on time and keep up so you can smash your end of year exams. If you’re entering the world of work, set time-related goals to complete your CV and send it off. Work out where you want to apply and how to get there etc, then make an effort to do this. It doesn’t matter what you want to do, as long as you can get yourself one step closer to achieving this, it’s a win. So come up with a plan and implement it.

Good luck and happy New Year!

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