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Do you Worry!!!!

Do I worry, do you worry, yes of course I do and I am sure you do too!

Worry can be draining, cause anxiety, interfere with your everyday activities and can make you completely exhausted!

Firstly we need to identify whether the worry is “hypothetical or practical”

If we start our worrying thought with “what if?” What if rains today, what if I am late etc.  These worries we have no control over. These are hypothetical worries and the only way to deal with these is to let them go and distract ourselves and to refocus our attention on to something else. So look at what is around you, what can you hear or touch, so an instant distraction.

The other type of worry is a “practical worry” and these are worries that we can solve, ie if we have a bill to pay, a library book to return.  So we now have to think about how can I deal with this worry, make a plan,  action is required to overcome this worry.

With exams,  these can be both a hypothetical worry and a practical worry. Hypothetical – what if miss my submission date,  what if I miss a lesson, what if don’t pass. 

Practical worry – With the above worries,  plan so your submission date is not missed by scheduling dates in your diary and setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time),   talk to your tutor about what is the impact if you miss a lesson.  I want to pass my exam,  so again make a plan, set up a timetable for your studies, talk to tutors or the wellbeing hub for help.

Finally, analyse what is a hypothetical worry or a practical worry. If you start a worry with “what if”, this a hypothetical worry, accept,  that you have no control over this, let it go.

Hope this is helpful.


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