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Do you want to be a Student Blogger?

This time last year, I started this blog with the intention of it being a place where I would write about things to do or places to eat on campus. My Father warned me that I would run out of things to say, and that if that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t have enough time to write monthly blogs posts.

However, both of these statements were wrong, and I had a lot more to write about than just the mundane ‘where to eat on campus’. This blog was a way to express myself, and it has developed me as a person.

Writing for Warwick Bloggers is not only rewarding but extremely satisfying. I absolutely love making these blogs for you, and I really am glad to hear positive feedback from readers. It makes the job a whole lot better knowing that people benefit from hearing my experiences.

Recently, a friend of mine approached me asking me about why I wrote my blog and whether I would recommend it to others. My instant response was ‘yes!’. It made me wonder whether others here who read my blog, or the other ones on this site, would be interested in joining the team.

Therefore, I created a Q/A kind of form, which I hope will be of use.

Do I have to be doing English Literature in order to write on Warwick Bloggers?

No! These are student blogs and they are open to all undergraduates, postgraduates or part-time students. Anyone from any discipline can take part, and there are different representatives from each of the faculties at Warwick.

How much time does it take up?

In order to be paid, you have to write a minimum of two blogs a month, each being more than 500 words long. Sometimes, I am able to write a blog post in under an hour, yet sometimes it could take me up to three hours if more planning and research is involved. I feel that if I find a topic which interests me and that I’m passionate about, it is a lot easier for me to write.

What do you write about?

This leads on from the previous question… before joining the team, I set out a few broad ideas that I had in mind that I wanted to write about. They were experiences that I felt were personal to me, but also in hopes that other people might benefit from reading. For example, one of my first posts was about sharing a room and having a roommate. Even nowadays people tell me how they liked reading that post as it was an eye-opener for them. After covering a few posts like that, I started writing about my extra-curricular activities that I was taking part in, This would also encourage me to go out more, live more, create more memories as it meant that it would be content for my blogs.

What if I can’t think of stuff to write about?

Firstly, this is the University of Warwick, and there is always stuff to write about. Whether it be academic or not, there is always something going on. Even if you can’t think of anything, the monthly newsletters always suggest some topics which might need covering.

  • Christopher Lim

    Dear Melissa,

    I am very much interested in being a student blogger, and I was wondering, how do you apply for the role?

    Thank you!


  • John

    Having written a blog, is it possible to recall it and rewrite it or make amendments? Sometimes what I write Isn’t always what I wanted to say!!


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