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Do you ever Wonder about life?

As a philosophy student, I spend a significant portion of my degree thinking about various aspects of life, and just general In Metaphysics, we ask ‘are humans composed of matter?’ In Philosophy of Religion, we ask ‘is there objective morality?’, in Biopolitics, we ask ‘should power over others be more important than genuine care about life?’ Admittedly, that’s a lot of time spent pondering over life’s big questions. In my first year at university, I was bombarded with more questions than answers, which frustratingly forced me to confront myself with questions like ‘?’, ‘?’, ‘?’ After basic activities like scrolling through social media or going for a walk outside when you are completely alone, have you ever stopped to just wonder if there is more to life out there, if you are ever truly alone?

These are the types of questions which are addressed throughout Wonder week. This is an annual event hosted by the Christian Union in the month of February which confronts the most important questions in life head-on. So if you ever feel compelled to find answers to life’s most meaningful questions such as ‘and ‘?’,these events are directed for you. After attending the events of last year, I would strongly recommend Wonder not just to Philosophy students, but to anyone and everyone who is interested in knowing more about the whys and hows of life from a Christian’s point of view. Not only is this a way to gain valuable knowledge about the nature of faith, reason and science, but it is a chance to meet new people and eat free food.

Wonder week

Wonder week will be running all this week from February 5 – 9 in the tent in the Oculus Green wonder tent. If you’re a prospective student of any degree course, make sure to look out for these events on campus in the future! Have a great rest of the week.

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