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Do They Know It’s Christmas?

It has been a long time since I added to this blog. Almost 6 months if you can believe it (you probably can, I doubt my readership is that dedicated). The gap between this post and my last is so long in fact, that my surroundings have changed from that of the beating summer sun of the metropolis to the icy, frozen plains of my countryside hometown. This can therefore only mean one thing…IT’S CHRISTMAS! Well nearly, anyway. Having said that, this year, like most, I will be working for my uncle from a day or two after the end of term until Christmas Eve thus depriving me of any free time until after the 25th December. This is an arrangement which very often provokes reactions of sympathy and pity as people adhere to the misconception that I won’t have any time to really enjoy the festive period in the run-up to Christmas – especially given how respectively early Warwick’s first term finishes. However, this is not the case. Given the frequency of such a jam-packed, festive schedule I have accumulated the following list over the years to ensure that I can definitely start feeling Christmassy before the 24 or (heaven forbid) the 25 December. The same rules can also be applied to any students who want to share some seasonal memories with their uni friends but only have until the 8 December at the latest in which to do it…

– Don’t start celebrating too early. Considering how early term finishes, a lot of Warwick students feel a little ‘Buddy the Elf’-esque in their decision to throw the decorations up in early/mid-November which is just plain wrong. Yes, start a little earlier to account for time that you won’t have at university but a tree up before Armistice Day not only doesn’t feel right, but its novelty is far more prone to wearing off. Hold your fire!

– Have a Christmas meal with your flatmates. In the same vein of saving it until as late as you can, reserve an evening in the last week of term where you and your flatmates can all chow down on a full turkey roast with all the trimmings, exchange some gifts (secret santa), play some games and get into several of those endearing family arguments. If that won’t butter your festive muffin then I don’t know what will.

– Hit up a Christmas social event. As you are probably aware, Warwick has a ton of societies…more than any other uni in the UK actually. This means that there is no shortage of festive socials going on during the last couple weeks of term. Whether it’s a trip to the Birmingham German Christmas market (would recommend), a seasonal game of laser tag or just a vaguely-Christmassy booze-up dressed up as reindeer the social atmosphere is bound to get you in that “good will to all men” spirit.

– Dress for the occasion. Every year, I pick 5 of my favourite Christmas jumpers (my collection is extensive) to wear on each of the last days of term. Now, you don’t have to be this systematic, but I guarantee that those festive layers will inspire the Christmas spirit in most people who lay their eyes upon them. What better way to spread a cup of cheer and get yourself in the mood at the same time?

– Actually calm down. Start to wind things in. Term is coming to an end and with it, your work commitments will lax a little. Now obviously I’m not saying that you should ignore your deadlines but as more of your due-dates shift from being ‘term one’ to ‘term two’ give yourself a little repose so that you can appreciate the season on campus. Otherwise, you’ll be on a train, plane or car journey home before you know it!

– Get yourself an advent calendar. No, they’re not just for children. An advent calendar is the perfect way to tell yourself that Christmas is officially on the map and that it is getting nearer and nearer!

– Do your Christmas shopping. My last (and I think best) piece of advice does come with the disclaimer that it may involve you spending a lot of money. By getting your Christmas shopping done sooner rather than later you can save yourself a lot of trouble: it gives you plenty of time to think about what you’re going to get, it gets you excited about the things that you buy for people and also it means that you don’t have to take this huge, financial hit in a few weeks’ time. Getting at least part of it under your belt early will be a huge benefit to future you!

I’m not yet sure if I will be posting again before Christmas so if I do not, I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year!

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