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Do or Die

Corona ruining your fresher’s party plans is not the end of the world. At least you have your life! But if you are feeling down, have a crack at these fun ideas you can safely do without killing people.


So, you may not be allowed to have a raging house party, but you are more than able to have a night in with the flat! Why not play some drinking games? Classics include beer pong, never have I ever, ring of fire, drink or dare, Uno, higher or lower, flip cup, Drinkopoly or, a game I have yet to try, centurion. Just remember to drink carefully and never ever give in to peer pressure. If you don’t want to take part either at all or anymore, don’t! Also, try to keep noise to a minimum so you don’t disturb your neighbours/make them too jealous!

Games Night

Bevs may feature but they aren’t necessary for you to enjoy a games night with your mates. You could have fun playing social games (e.g. Mafia), board games, card games, something online – anything! Some examples of card games played at uni. include Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Poker (use rice instead of money!) and Cheat. This is especially nice for anyone who doesn’t enjoy drinking as they can still participate and have fun without missing out. How thoughtful!

Night In

A night in certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Not only do you get to save money, you can also really get to know your friends and flatmates. Why not make some hot chocolate and watch a film together or have a gossip and a laugh? My friends and I used to watch a series together so we’d all sit on one bed and watch every Thursday when new episodes would come out. The twinkly lights would be on, we’d have a glass of wine and make comments on the characters. Tbh, we’d spend half the time laughing so we weren’t really sure what was actually happening.


If you get on particularly well with your flat, it could be a nice idea to share meals together. One person could cook, another could wash up and a third could dry up. You can alternate the rota each time but it’s fun to sit down and catch up with your flat as you eat some delicious food, especially when you’re not the one who’s made it!

Cocktail Night

If you aren’t looking to get seshed but want to try something new, have a go at mixing your own cocktails! Shakers are cheap these days so all you need is a few ingredients to wow your friends and flatmates. You can get quite creative and it’s a tasty way to spend the evening!

Themed Night

If the food and drinks need to be taken up a notch, introduce a theme! Each time someone different can pick the topic so you can dress up and have food and drinks related to the theme. Examples include cops and robbers, holiday dress, angels and devils, burlesque and cowboys.

Zoom Party

I’m sure your friends from home would love to talk to you and have a catch up so why not set up a group call where you hear their gossip and tell them yours. You can even make a thing of it with yummy snacks and tasty drinks.

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