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Do I Go Out Or No?

My exams are well on their way, I have just under three weeks until my first one (which is on a Saturday, lets all cry). All assignments are over, so YAY no more essays or stats to do! I surprised myself and submitted my final assignment over a week early – I know, I sound crazy, but I was determined to get it out of the way so I could get cracking with revision. I feel like I’m on track with my revision, as I’m now at the stage of just continuously learning and reading EVERYTHING. I’m not going to lie, but I’m already losing hope as it’s so tedious and boring, but slowly and surely exams will soon be over.

I am now stuck with the dilemma of – do I go out? Am I allowed to go clubbing, even though my exams are a few weeks away? It’s hard to resist when most of your flatmates are still willing to have fun and go out, but I can’t help but feel guilty! I have a bad feeling that going out for one night will tire me out for the next day and that will be a day of revision gone to waste. I’m thinking back to last year during A Levels, and I would never go out if my exams were coming up, even if they were in a few months! Although, at the same time I don’t want my fun first year to be a bore, because technically my first year results don’t count… The thought of not even getting 40% overall though is slightly scary, but I’m sure I will pass and won’t have to retake (I hope).

I reckon I might give all the clubbing nights and outings a miss for the next few weeks, whilst trying to keep to a revision schedule. I have all of Summer to look forward to so I can go crazy then! I still can’t believe that we’re already in the third week of term, it felt like I moved back in for this last term only yesterday. I wish you all good luck for your upcoming exams and look forward to the future fun we can have afterwards!

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