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Dissertation is complete!

I have never felt so relieved! After a whole year of planning and organising to get to this stage! I am so nervous but it’s going to be great.

I have just submitted my dissertation and I am still in shock that it is over! I really enjoyed writing it, it transformed over time but the end piece is something that I quite like. There are definitely bits that I wished that I could change and improve on, but it is finished. There is a danger of over-tweaking your work and it loses the passion of your argument. So here are some top tips for dissertation prep and ensuring you meet the deadline!

  • Pace yourself! This is a huge essay, you need to make sure you do not burn out nor do you panic write it. This is worth 30 CATS! It’s a huge part of your grade for your final year, you need to ensure that you are doing your best. By week 3 of my second term I had completed my main draft of my dissertation, it completely changed but I am glad that I got the bulk of it done over the christmas holidays because I then had enough time to focus on my other essays during term time.
  • This is my dissertation timeline:

Week 8 – 10, term 2 – started to think about my topic, did some light reading. Listened to podcasts, watched documentaries, aimed to find out what it was that inspired me and would be interesting enough for me to write about.

Post exams – get my reading list ready! I created a draft title so I know what I was looking for in my reading, began to read other dissertations to see what style was expected and what were the key aspects of a dissertation that I needed to cover.

Summer – reading begins, I have over 60 items in my bibliography, 35 of which were done over the summer holidays. This honestly was the best thing I had done, because I am not a person who works constantly, I have sudden bursts of focus then I have to move away, and that is what I did for my dissertation.

September – started to put my reading into mindmaps, what were the key ideas that were coming out from my reading, and what was I going to focus on?

Winter break – first chapter submitted and started to write the rest of my dissertation. Once you start writing it, you will be on a roll. I kept writing after I submitted my first chapter because all of the ideas were flowing and at least I had something to work with.

Week 2 – Dissertation presentations: This was easier for me because I had effectively finished my final draft, therefore, I knew exactly what to talk about in my presentation. I went over the time limit because I had way too much to say, but the key thing is that my enthusiasm got me through it. I used prezi to make it more interesting and easier to edit.

Week 4-6 – started to touch some key paragraphs up and organised more meetings with my supervisor so I was able to talk about my ideas and they could then make suggestions.

Week 9-11 – finishing it off!!!!! I wrote and wrote and wrote and edited multiple times! Then submitted it was a great feeling!

  • Keep communicating with your tutors- It has been difficult this term since the strikes have been on so I have not had any support in my final weeks leading up to my dissertation deadline, however, that does not mean that you should not update your tutor and discuss with them what your ideas are earlier on in the year.

good luck everyone xxxxxx

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