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DEGREE DONE! The big Uni roundup

Marianna Beltrami | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Marianna

Hello. Well. I did my very last exam on Wednesday. And now it is really starting to hit me: I am done with my degree.

While it is not quite the end of my wider Warwick experience (I will still be around in June for work, friends and various events, not to mention graduation in July), it is a strange, strange feeling. During my time as a blogger this year, I gave you two termly roundups, with my best (and not-so-best) moments from terms 1 and 2. I thought doing the same for term 3 wouldn’t have had much content, since it was mainly work and Eurovision. I had to be very selective in order not to write the longest post in the world, but here is it: my big University roundup.


The first few months. I arrived here without actually realising. The time right before the beginning of term had been very overwhelming, so I had not thought about university too much. I had never visited Warwick before, so I genuinely had no idea what to expect. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I was so pleasantly surprised. The main highlight was the time spent with my flatmates: in the first few weeks, hard work was not a main priority and we spent most of the time together. We would gather every night and do something fun (soap light, Articulate, CAH, that weird kitty game). I made some of my best and most solid friendships during those months. In terms of my relationship with the flat, things have never ceased to be great. But term 1, year 1 will always have a special place in my memories. The atmosphere was so new, fresh and exciting, and was a big defining moment for my wider experience.

Playing human fussball at the Cryfield Party 

Fencing. I finally got the chance to properly start the sport I had been wanting to do since I was five. Especially in my second year, fencing has been a supportive, friendly and fun environment. Unfortunately, doing sport at Warwick is not so affordable for me, so I had to be more sporadic in my attendance. But being in the exec this year was great fun, especially organising the National Novices tournament. Weekly pub quizzes have also been a great highlight. Remember this: try out new things. You might get good friends from the Maths department.


Chaplaincy fam. I am in the Chaplaincy so much someone once thought I was a chaplain. It is such a comfortable and cosy place to work. It is a supportive network of study pals who are always there when you need help, who like bubbles, who sing I Don’t Feel Like Dancing in a questionable falsetto, buy each other biscuits, leave cute notes, motivate each other, make each other tea and coffee. Basically a family. I’m getting emotional now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Vigilant pals. I.e. Vigilant State: shoutout to Kate, Raphene and Azilis for being the best people in the best seminar in the best module. Overall, PAIS has been a great course. I am planning to make a more detailed post on PAIS modules, so I’ll talk more about that there!


The Warwick Filmmakers’ Showcase. An event showcasing some of Warwick’s greatest filmmaking talent. I was lucky to be part of the team last year as Programme Coordinator, and this year as Theatrical Director. It was so much fun. In the midst of a stressful time, being able to organise a lighthearted, fun event like this was a great experience. Shoutout to Bianca, Wilkie and Alex for making this year terrifically funny!

A last-minute performance at last year’s Warwick Filmmakers’ Showcase, singing the best Disney song of all time *son of man look toooo the sky!*

Eurovision. There you go, I had to include it. Eurovision is one of the best nights of the year. The majestic singing event is screened at the piazza (our main open space), and the atmosphere is wonderful. Everybody comes along, the piazza gets packed, everyone is happy, dancing, waving flags, cheering whenever someone gives a few points to the UK. It really gives a sense of a community. Love.


So many things! Meeting Julie Christie, one of my favourite actresses; interviewing former Italian PM Mario Monti; working at Welcome Week and as a Student Ambassador for PAIS; blogging; weekly Pub Quizzes; Halloween parties; musical performances; Sports Ball 2018 – so many wonderful moments to cherish!


So many “eek” things! I like to talk about the positive things more, but I do not want to deliver the impression that everything is perfect, making others think that bad moments should not happen. They do. Oh, they do! Throughout these three years, I have had disastrous breakdowns and incredibly sad moments. The beginning of my second year was a nightmare for personal reasons, and workload this year has caused many “STOP IT!” moments, combined with the passing of some of my best friends in the space of a few months. There were times in which I felt terribly lonely and just wanted to hop on a plane and go back home. But I am lucky: I am surrounded by so many incredible people and managed to take the bad times and turn them into something useful. I can safely say I have learned how to be truly resilient.


I hope this was a good insight into three years that involved so much more! Although I still have just under two months until graduation, where I will make all my proper goodbyes, I want to say thank you to all those who helped me out with a chat, a coffee, a reference, a smile – people make the experience. I was blessed with a great bunch.




Marianna Beltrami | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Marianna

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