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Decor-great Your Room!

Starting uni. can be a bit daunting, especially if this is your first time away from home, but one way to feel better about the new adventure you’re about to start is to decorate your room in a way that is unique to you! If you are struggling for ideas, here are a few to help you get creative.


Snaps of your friends and loved ones (pets included!)  can be a great way to feel better about being apart. Glancing at that frozen moment can remind you of fond memories and help you feel closer to people you may see infrequently. There are numerous ways to print out your photos e.g. at your local developer, online or at home and it’s often a cheap way to spice up your room in a personal way. You don’t have to restrict yourself to a photo album, each room has a pin board on which you can stick your snaps so you can decide how you’d like them and how many you want. Whilst you’re at it, why not print off a couple of extras so you can give them to your mates and parents before you leave so they’ll have a reminder of you!


A modern way to transform your room is by pinning up a tapestry. You can buy them for a few quid online and they are quite sizeable and welcoming! You could even grab a few and change them up depending on your mood. I’d recommend them if you’re not keen on plain walls as they won’t be brightly coloured and you cannot hang up picture frames so this is a pleasant solution!


Another classic, twinkly fairy lights are often dotted across shelves for a cute vibe. I had cupcake lights in my first year whereas my friends had multicoloured lights. They instantly change up the room and make it cool for your own disco, but don’t forget to turn them off when you leave the room! If you can’t be bothered to hang them up or you’d rather handle the lighting in a more delicate fashion, consider buying little electric tealights to set the atmosphere. You can dot these around your room or cluster them together for a more romantic feel, but ensure they are electric as wax candles aren’t allowed!

Shimmering door curtains

The official name for one of these bad boys is a portière and they are super cool. For my 18birthday, I had a few of these pinned up when decorating the house and the guests went wild for them! Paired with the fairy lights, your room could turn into a club for one as a door curtain gives it that extra oomph. Obviously you’ll have a bedroom door, but you can also hang up your door curtain behind the door so it brightens up your day every time you leave for a lecture.


You may be an adult now, but that doesn’t mean posters are going anywhere. In my first year, my flat and I wanted a High School Musical poster but instead we settled for an old Vanessa Hudgens one I had tucked away. Posters allow you to bring a little bit of home into your room whilst enabling you to cover up the dreary walls. One of my friends had his entire wall smothered and it looked really striking. Like photos, they definitely add a personal touch and are so easy to put up and take down so it’s worth considering. Plus, it could be a good talking point if you have a poster of your favourite band up!


You know those useless tiny boxes all girls have on their shelves or desk? They finally have a purpose: to brighten up your room. Trinkets, mascots and various bits and bobs can spark joy when viewed upon, add a bit of pizazz to the room and can remind you of good times. For example, I love pigs, so the one thing I made sure I brought with me was a little pig that I had sat upon my alarm clock. It’s calming to look at and although it might be a nightmare to dust, if you’re anything like my friends, I doubt you’ll be doing much cleaning in your first year…


Last but not least, any green thumbs out there, this one is for you! Plants are the ultimate companion: they’re great listeners, they’re easy on the eye and they provide for you. What’s not to love? Don’t be bringing the entirety of Kew Gardens to uni., but having a small plant can brighten up your room as well as your mood. If this is your first time having full responsibility for a plant, I would advise investing in a cactus. For those who are a bit more experienced and can be trusted, the world is your oyster. Just don’t (chloro)phyllthe pot with too much water!

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