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Decisions, Decisions and More Decisions

Over the Christmas holidays I’m very lucky to have received two jobs offers, of which I am now trying to decide between! But while I have been mulling over my options I began to cast my mind back over choosing what course and University degree to actually study. Although, those two decisions were easily made as opposed to the dilemma I face now. Here are a few things to consider when deciding between jobs/internships/universities:

  • Look into the specifics.If this is for a job, speak to the recruiter about what you be doing on a daily basis. I have found it exceedingly helpful to have a contact that has been through the graduate scheme that I can text whenever I have a question. This "buddy" system has revealed more than a recruiter possibly could. For University, ask questions to the students on the open day. Hopefully there is a course representative who can provide you with a student perspective. Look at the module content and how you are assessed.
  • The benefits/salary. You should never base whether you take a job solely on starting salary because jobs associated with earning a qualification (e.g. ACA) then you will be on a lot lower at the start. However, with each exam series that you pass you will see your salary increase with the biggest rise coming once you qualify. The salary is just low at the start as the company has to pay out for the qualification.
  • Where do you see yourself? It sounds like a really theoretical question but it has some weighting. When I first looked around Warwick I just knew that it was the place for me. I’d visited other Universities and hated them for various reasons but Warwick was the bubble that I’d wanted.
  • The grades. I’m hoping you have already considered this if you have already applied but for students starting in 2019 this is highly important. The way I chose was by looking at my predicted grades and choosing a couple of options that were similar (differed by one sub-grade). But for my back-up option I had options that were a couple of sub-grades lower in at least one subject. This allows you to have a bad exam (we’ve all been there) but to still get to study a course you love and in a place, you can call home.

My biggest advice is to take your time when making a decision and to really weigh up options. Sometimes rushing in can result in a wrong decision because there was an element that you didn’t consider. Good luck with your decisions and have a lovely Christmas!

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