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Dealing with Revision Stress

Hello everyone! University students, A level students and GCSE students are all going through a highly stressful time. That’s right, it’s the dreaded exam season. In three weeks’ time I would have started my final exam series, scary doesn’t cover the feeling. However, I have always found exams stressful, but I’ve found some ways of coping. I’m not promising that all of your stress will go away but my tips could certainly help.

  1. I live in Leamington, it’s so lovely with lots of gardens or walks. So, when I get stressed I check the weather (nothing makes me want to go for a walk if there are torrential downpours) and if it’s looking good I will go for a half an hour walk. If I only want a quick destress then I’ll speed things up with running.
  2. Watch a film. When I’ve finished revising around 7/8pm, I always make sure to unwind with a film or a TV series. If I don’t take the time to chill out in the evening, then I find that sleeping is hard. Taking the time to switch off can ensure that you have the energy for another day of revision or for your important exams.
  3. Have a bath. Either a bath or a shower will do but spending a long time in a warm environment can help to relax. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, it will really help to consolidate work and have some much needed "you time".
  4. I know it’s much easier than it sounds but I have a strict no drinking policy before exams. Alcohol is a depressant which, can worsen your mood or make you really sleepy. On the other hand, nicotine and caffeine are all stimulants. Great for keeping awake but they also. increase stress levels. So, it’s best to stick to water unless you’re socialising with friends away from work. Experts say to avoid refined sugars, but I actually find they’re a great motivator to keep me going. Every time I finish a section I reward myself with a small sweet. The sugar boost really helps my motivation and energy levels.
  5. Get your 8 hours. Sleep is hugely important for exams! When you sleep you consolidate information; this basically means most of what you’ve spent the day learning is stored in your head to be later recalled in the exam. Avoid all-nighters: advice I received on my very first day. It takes 3 days to recover from one all-nighter! It can make you a lot less productive overall.

I hope these all help to keep your stress levels at a manageable level. Good luck with your exams! For everyone with an offer, enjoy the excitement of starting your university life.

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