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Dealing with Deadlines

While the end of term is filled with many incredible opportunities, it also brings plenty of work to. Oh yes, it’s assignment season again.

As a student in the Classics department, this does often involve a lot of essay writing. Being in second year means the expectations are higher, and the length is longer. But, this doesn’t scare me. After every assessed piece, I get a feedback sheet from the marker, with comments about what I did well, and how I can improve my work. I also get the opportunity to go for an individual feedback session with them, to discuss my work. Honestly, I can’t stress enough how helpful this is, and how immensely I’ve benefitted from them so far. It’s clear the department all care about their students, and the support I’ve received from my feedback sessions has really blown me away. I came to university aware that it would require a lot more independent studying than sixth form had, and while that is true to some extent, the lecturers are there to provide a guiding hand on your way to success.

It’s not all essay writing all the time though. One of the things that influenced my decision to come here was their open approach to non-essay assessments. This means that generally in Classics you will find that you are not just examined on your ability to write essays. Sometimes this may mean doing an exam, but again the department support you through these, making sure you can contact them with any and all questions about revision, helping you feel as prepared as you can going into the exams. If the module you’re doing isn’t one with an exam (as a few of mine this year are), then this doesn’t mean it’s all essays instead. I have done all sorts for assignments now, from writing blog posts to creating digital stories or writing object studies. I’ve created my own exhibition portfolios, imagining that I’m a curator in a museum putting together a whole new collection. I get to make vlogs, and one of my modules has let me create an entirely unique project to help bring more people into Classics.

Doing things like this is not only often a lot of fun, but also very beneficial for preparing for future careers. It’s taught me a lot of practical skills, as well as giving me great experience to really help me stand out from the crowd.

In the short term, it may feel like a lot when all the deadlines come crashing towards me, but I know it will all be worth it in the future. Even though it seems like a lot, I know it’s teaching me more about time management and preparation. One of the most useful things I’ve started doing at university is a ‘task breakdown’ sheet for all my assignments, where I set out for myself what I need to do for my work, making it much easier to handle. Between that, my planner which I use to help balance my schedule to make sure I have enough time for everything I’m doing, and the newly-reinstated 24 hour opening times at the university library (as well as full access to the eBooks online wherever I go), I know I’m sure to get through another deadline season with my head held high.

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