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De-stress, Presentations and CLL events

Well for me term 3 has nearly come to an end. I only have a presentation to give today, 1 essay to finish off and 3 more lectures to attend. I know that this time of year can be stressful for many, so if you have exams make sure you take time out to rest and eat properly. You could even look on the Student Unions feel good website for things you could join. Last week I went along to one of the doggie de-stress events in the Library. If you love dogs they are well worth going along too, and a chance to move away from the computer for 15 minutes. If you’re feeling stressed talk to someone, there is nothing worse than worrying about things be yourself. You’ll end up getting yourself in a worse state.

I’m a little bit nervous about my presentation later, although I’m sure it will go fine. It’s my proposal for my dissertation next year, so it means a lot to me and I just want to make sure it’s perfect! I’ve been through it so many times but that thought of standing up in front of all those people who you’ve come to know can be daunting. This is when confidence becomes your best friend, as long as you stand their confident about what you’re speaking about you’ll be fine too.

At home everything is pretty relaxed at the moment. After being told Faith couldn’t have a full time place at nursery next year, she is now ecstatic because she has a been given a place at nursery next year. She’s been telling everyone. She’s been asking to go every day for about 6 months now. That will also mean I will have more time next year to focus on my final year and that dreaded dissertation and John wants to look for a job.

As a student ambassador for CLL, we’ve started our events in and around Coventry. It’s been great meeting new people and being able to talk to them about what Warwick could offer them. We were at the Earlsdon Festival last week and there are more events coming up. If you know anyone who’s interested in one of our courses send them my way and I’ll have a chat with them, or you could just show them the website. However, I think talking to someone about the courses is normally better. It was for me when I first thought about doing a degree.

I guess for me now, I’ll have to start looking for some sort of part time job to help us financially over the summer. Generally I look on Unitemps. The temping agency based at the University they normally have quite a few jobs on there over the summer, plus you get to know you’re way round uni even more and see the other side of the University.

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