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Day in the Life of a Life Sciences Student

It will seem rather strange having to stick to a timetable once returning to Warwick. As Life Sciences students, we do have a high number of contact hours, having lectures, lab classes and tutorials (these are weekly in first-year and fortnightly in second and third year).

For this ‘day in the life’, I will take you through a typical day in the first term of second year, however, no two days were ever the same and the timetable usually varies from week to week. My modules for the first term included Ecology and Environment, Pharmacology (my optional choice) and Molecular Biology, so all the content was varied.

The morning: More often than not I would have a 9am or 10am lecture so would need to make an early start, often leaving before my housemates were up and about. There is a good bus service from where I live in Earlsdon but I needed to time it to avoid the busy periods. Even if my first lecture wasn’t until 11, I would still get in well before as I preferred to just have a set routine and I find that I work well in the mornings.

I would meet one of my course-friends on the bus, and then we would head to the BioMed Grid, a study area with desks, sofas, computers and of course plenty of reference books. We would both get on with some work: this may have been going over lectures, or making progress with some assessed work. During the first term, we had assessed work based on research papers- for example, answering long questions about the Foot and Mouth disease epidemic, and lab reports such as on a Molecular Cell Biology experiment we carried out.

(I had at least one lecture in the morning pretty much every day of term, sometimes 3 in a row- if they’re in the same lecture theatre, it is definitely a good idea to go and stretch your legs in between).

The afternoon: There is no set lunchtime like at school, so if you don’t have a lecture at 12-1, or 1-2, then that’s your slot to eat. The Gibbet Hill café is a great place, although it can get busy, but there are also study areas and the atrium where you can eat. In between the rest of the day’s lectures, my friends and I would tend to stay at Gibbet Hill. Lectures and classes finish by 5, but some days I’d be home by 3 whereas others by 5.

Evenings: This always varied for me so there isn’t really a typical evening- Sometimes I would go swimming with a friend, attend an orchestra rehearsal, meet a friend in Curiositea, go to an aerobics class, or just stay on campus with friends to get some work done. Sometimes it was perfect just returning to the house and cooking dinner followed by a bit of work and then relaxing with my housemates.

 Everyday was different but usually I had plenty to do, and I loved having a routine. The weeks really flew by. 

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