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Day 34 of University

I moved into University on 22nd September, and I honestly cannot say that 34 days ago I knew what was coming my way. One month and some change later I have made some amazing new friends,  met so many inspiring lecturers, tutors and students all while defeating the dreaded Fresher’s Flu. 

It has to be said that this entire experience has been so far different from anything else I have ever done. Managing my own money, my own freedom and my own education is something that has really made me grow up in the last month. The fun of freshers was exactly what I needed when I first arrived, it was virtually the most perfect way to settle in despite the weather having completely different plans of its own. Overall I would say that Welcome week lived up to my expectations and for the most part exceeded them. As a first year, I found it to be the perfect time to really get used to everything around me. Everyone I met was beyond friendly, and really made me feel that I had made the right decision choosing Warwick as my first choice. 

I am living at the Cryfield Apartments this year, which was actually a  last minute decision between my friend and I. It was such a huge gamble to put this as our first choice considering we hadn’t seen it before and everyone we spoke to in second year was telling us it was still a construction site but the cards were in our favour. Every detail, down to the yellow chair and patterned bedding was IDENTICAL to the artist’s impression. I don’t know how seriously everyone else takes their room décor but I had a 2 year old Pintrest board with all my Uni room plans so the fact that my room fit perfectly into my scheme was potentially one of the biggest highlights of moving in. 

After settling in my new room, it was time for me to tackle the beast of Law. Our first week of lectures were the most reassuring and comforting sessions I had as they really made me feel like Law was not this majorly stressful, memory heavy subject but instead something I could really engage with, criticise and analyse.  One important fact about me is that I am a self proclaimed nerd. There’s nothing I love more than learning new things and making myself think so hearing this in my first week really got me excited for the 3 years ahead of me. The lectures so far have been incredibly interesting and a really good foundation for my modules this year. My seminars though have been what I’m enjoying the most; hearing new opinions and alternative perspectives to challenge my ideas understanding have been ( disclaimer; full nerd is coming out) mentally stimulating in all the best ways. The workload has been manageable as of now, we currently have an essay due next week which has been the only assignment so far. Although I’m currently procrastinating from writing it and writing this instead, I’ve found the whole process really fun. Research is not easy. Reading cases is not easy. Writing a law essay is not easy. Do not get me wrong it has been the most challenging thing I’ve done so far but it’s really made me feel like a ‘proper’ law student and has got me thinking and analysing from different perspectives than before.  

In conclusion, it has taken me a full moon cycle and little extra to really realise that I’m actually at University, that the next 3 years are going to be the most fun and challenging experience and that the hours Year 11 Audrey spent on Pintrest did not go to waste. 

For 34 entire days of my life, I have been living as a fully functional, responsible and studious university student at Warwick.  Only 1061 left and I can’t wait.




  • ProspectiveStudent

    Hi! You said you’re living in the cryfield apartments, I too have seen them as an option of halls on the Warwick website but there’s so little information about them. Are they all built and fully functioning and do you recommend them? Or the townhouses which seem similar? Thank you!


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