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Dating at Warwick: A Tinder Exposé

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

A topic never touched upon in these student blog posts is the dating life at Warwick and what expectations prospective students should have about it. In the following paragraphs, I will do my best to describe how my dating life at Warwick University went, the various Tinder bio taglines, chat-up lines, puns, openers, as well as to give you some Tinder dating tips derived from my personal (not that vast lol) experience. For starters, there are several, often contradictory opinions regarding Tinder: people either think it only exists for fulfilling their physiological, emotional, temporary needs and one time encounters, or regard it as a means of meeting new people from outside your circle of acquaintances, making new friends, networking, banter, or as an opportunity to have fun while swiping left or right whilst listening to the cha-cha slide. Some download it for fun (just as I did), then delete it after something happens, then after some time get right back where they left it. It becomes part of your dating/ love life whether you like/ acknowledge it or not.

As far as my Tinder experience goes, sadly I have only three stories that I will gladly share (more or less) with you. The first one was over a year ago, whilst I was having an off period with my ex. The only reason why I accepted to go on my first Tinder date was that I already knew the guy from my language lessons. His BIO stated: . Multilingual, well-traveled, polite, smart: check, check, check and check. We went to a lovely posh bar in Leam where we had the best conversations, told stories, got to know each other and our backgrounds better since we had started with some sort of foundation from our speaking pair work during classes. It was all going so well until he started mixing various drinks. The reason why we did not go out for a second date was rather obvious- he got too drunk by the end of the night and the reason why I do not want to divulge further details is that I honestly still think that the guy was sweet and had ruined it unintentionally.

TIP: Know your drinking limits.

My second Tinder experience was in Romania and there’s not much to say about it since it passed quite fast. He was a 23-year-old guy prepared to step into his father shoes and become a sailor. The chemistry was not there whatsoever and on top of it all, he lied about his height. He did recommend me a couple great films hence it was not all in vain after all.

TIP: Never lie about your height.

My third and most recent Tinder experience was on a whole other level. In January, I broke up with my first ever boyfriend. It was tough, but it was also something that I did for myself and my spiritual health. Following the breakup, I gave Tinder another shot as I suddenly had all this free time. As soon as I realised that what I was doing was not healthy and that I should be channelling my energy on assignments, job interviews, and my dissertation, I decided to delete Tinder for an indefinite period. A month passed, everything was going according to the plan and I was slowly but surely on my healing journey. I was attending job interviews, was feeling prepared, focused and content with my life and trusting the process of it all. At one point, I was celebrating with my friends one night when I decided it would be a fun idea to get back on Tinder, to see what I’ve been missing in the past month. And that’s when he came along. The one that wrecked my stability, plans, decision to stay single and avoid Tinder at all costs. BIO: Multilingual, tall. So far, so good. The more we started talking, I got a sense of his character- he seemed witty, honest (you know what they say: honesty is the key to a relationship: if you can fake that- you’re in) and a hopeless romantic. We saw each other for the first time after 6 weeks of waiting (He was back home for the spring break period). During our first date and ever encounter I sensed a great deal of chemistry, truthfulness, and ease. However, the surprise came after 7 weeks of making plans, routines, Q&As every single evening, divulging secrets, fears, regrets, dreams. He slowly but surely started ghosting me, until I decided to take action and confront him since my instinct was telling me something was not right. I will not go any further into the narrative, but do consult the following tips:

TIP: Do not start a new thing with a girl knowing you still have feelings for your ex.

I hope this blog put a smile on your face (inspired by real life), as I wrote it with the good intentions and mostly in form of a joke. Tinder is a hit-or-miss situation for many people. For me, it has been both, as my initial expectations were met and surpassed every time, but all encounters ended on a rather sad note. And now, since I had some time to reflect upon my three dates, the question lingering is: will I give Tinder another shot? Most certainly yes. You know the old saying: I don’t do the same mistake twice… I do it five or six times just to be sure.

Best of luck to those sitting exams starting week 4, I wish we all get only firsts and attend some fabulous end-of-year parties to finish uni in style!

P.S. I would also like to mention the already infamous Warwick Love, a Facebook anonymous crush confessions page: Keep an eye out for your initials.

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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