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Culture And Diversity At Warwick

At the University of Warwick, we are lucky to have numerous societies and clubs on offer to us. No matter what your interests are, you can find something that is your perfect match and have the opportunity to try out new things. One thing that I love about Warwick University is that the student population is so diverse in terms of culture and ethnicity, especially with the many International students. Even though I’ve had friends from different backgrounds and cultures before, they have mostly been British, so I hadn’t really been exposed to International students before I came to University. Therefore, I’ve loved being able to get to know people from different countries and learn more about their culture.

Recently (literally last night), I went to an event called Bounce that is hosted by Warwick Bollywood Dance Society. It’s an event that happens once a term and I’ve always been tempted to go in my 3 years at Warwick, but for some annoying reason I’ve never managed to go. It’s an event hosted in Neon (one of the biggest clubs we have in Leamington) and they play Bollywood and Bhangra music, which never gets played during the regular club nights in Leamington and Coventry. Even though me and all my Asian University friends are British, we love our cultural music so I managed to convince them to come to the event with me this term since it’s our final year at Warwick. Let’s just say, we LOVED it! The only bad thing is that I’m sad that we had never been before and so now we don’t have another chance to go again. Although, it’s motivated me to try out other club nights that are hosted by Warwick societies, of a range of cultures, so we can experience something different to the usual Smack Thursdays or Neon Fridays. Especially cultures that are super different to mine (I’m Indian), the next society on my list is Warwick Spanish Society.


Loving life at Bounce

Obviously if you’re not into clubbing then all is okay, since there are a huge variety of cultural events. Facebook is the easiest way I’ve found to search up events – just follow the pages of loads of Warwick societies and then you’ll be updated on all future events. You can do things like bowling, film nights, shisha, meals and loads more, the list is endless. I’m really keen to go to some cultural meal events, bonding with people over great food is always fab.

I’d really encourage any of you who are at Warwick or who are hoping to join Warwick to explore different societies and try out new events from either your own culture or different cultures – I can promise that you’ll find it both fascinating and fun. Also, University is the only time where you’ll be exposed to so many different cultures in one place, so take advantage of it! I really regret not having done so, so learn from my mistakes 🙁

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