Whether you’re a prospective student applying for accommodation, or a nosey current student who wants to see if the grass is any greener, I am here to give you a first-hand insight into the brand-new accommodation everyone’s wondering about: Cryfield Townhouses.


When I was applying for on-campus accommodation at Warwick, I didn’t really know what the townhouses were and there were not very many photos online besides the ‘artists impression’. Nevertheless, I was enticed by the idea of a (almost!) double bed, ensuite, and the close proximity to central campus. At £163 a week, it was one of the mid-range costing accommodation choices and had the added benefit of a 40-week let. That pretty much covers the information given on the Warwick Accommodation website – so now I’m going to give you the honest lowdown.


The Townhouses

The townhouses each have a studio flat and kitchen on the ground floor, then 3 floors with 4 rooms on each. Each townhouse has a colour theme, based on whatever colour the door is, which matches your blinds, the desk chair and most of the kitchen. Although my flat was unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your preferences) stuck with bright orange, I think the colour is growing on me!


The Rooms

The rooms in Cryfield Townhouses seem huge when you compare them to the standard university room. There is a ¾ double bed, a desk, a wardrobe, an ensuite, and enough floor space to do your morning yoga (according to one of my flatmates!). The rooms also have a huge window with a window ledge big enough to decorate, store all your textbooks, or hide your snacks from your flatmates! Each room has a big pinboard (it looks like a weird sci-fi poster, but it is, in fact, a pinboard!) which, if you have a tendency to be homesick like me, can be covered in photos of your loved ones and draped in LED fairy lights (see below)! While a few of us have had some minor faults in our rooms, this is to be expected of a brand-new accommodation and they have always been fixed very quickly.


The Bathrooms


The ensuite bathrooms are pretty standard; toilet, washbasin, and shower. There is plenty of storage for your toiletries and the cleaners come in to clean your bathroom once a week. There’s not much to say about the ensuites, but I think we are all glad not to be sharing a bathroom with people!


The Kitchen

Sharing a kitchen with 11 other people can seem daunting, but there is plenty of space. Each kitchen has two refrigerators and two freezers, so you get a shelf in each. Each person has around two cupboards and a drawer. While it may sound like limited space, it’s way more than you think. The most notable thing about the kitchens in all of the Cryfield accommodations is that the hobs are INDUCTION. This means you have to get pots and pans that say “suitable for induction hobs” otherwise they won’t work. Or, you could get a pan that says it’s suitable for induction hobs and find that it still doesn’t work… yes, I am unfortunately speaking from experience. In my flat, we spend most of our time in the kitchen socialising and cooking so the big dining table, sofas, and the TV really come in handy!


The Village

While Cryfield Village is not yet finished being built, it seems to be shaping up really nice. All of the accommodation is complete, and I believe the ‘village’ hub and services are expected to be completed by December. The village is very close to central campus – just crossing the road at the traffic lights gets you straight to the SU. Cryfield Village really is set in nature; the view from the townhouse kitchens, for example, is like a little forest with pretty autumn trees and adorable squirrels, rather than just blocks of more accommodation.


So that’s it! Cryfield Townhouses is, in my somewhat biased opinion, one of the best choices for accommodation on-campus. I hope this insight has given you some more details about the accommodation and helped you realize it’s where you wanna be!