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Credit Suisse Interactive Showcase: The Mechanics of Banking Event

First week of Freshers has yet to finish, but there are already career events being held around campus. This might come as a shock to readers, especially as for most universities Freshers is a time where students spend more time out clubbing than sober in lectures. But at Warwick, we’re always providing opportunities for people who want them. At my secondary school, my headmaster would always quote the quote of ‘Knock and the Door shall open". In this case, I did knock, and I was shown the incredible world of banking that I would not have discovered if I did not actively seek it.

Okay, a little context. I’m a humanities student, studying Hispanic Studies and French. Why did I apply to an event focused on finance? Well, to put it simply – because I could. I cannot even fathom how many opportunities that are available at Warwick, and it’s the perfect place to discover new things. If it weren’t for the amazing workshops and events that Warwick puts on, I would never have discovered some great passions of mine. Attending events such as these enables me to broaden my understanding of many subjects, and formulate my ideas and opinions.

Before today, I had never attended what I would call a ‘proper’ careers networking event. Nor, as a matter of fact, did I know much about the Banking and Finance world. I did not know what to expect from the evening, as I knew nobody else who had signed up to the same event as I had, but I knew well enough that I shouldn’t just turn up in ripped jeans and Converses.

I arrived a quarter of an hour before the event started, which gave me enough time to sign in and mingle with fellow students. There were some Freshers attending, but the majority of the audience were intermediate or final year students. After helping myself to a few refreshments, we all made our way to the main hall where we listened to Andy Barton, who was an employee at the firm. He addressed us in a gentle, deep voice which commanded the room. He explained what Credit Suisse was and its different departments, which was of great interest to my colleagues and me. After the speech, we were divided into three separate groups in order to engage in interactive workshops that were organised for us. Each activity encouraged us to think about the process and use the skills we had in order to solve a problem. I found it very informative and it gave me a great insight into what the range of jobs available at Credit Suisse. In the third and final section of the evening, students had the opportunity to mingle with different departments; this networking opportunity enabled me to talk to employees from Sales and Trading, Recruitment, as well as those in Global Market Research and Investment Banking.

Overall, I feel that the night was a great success for both parties. I know that myself and many others are hoping to apply to their Spring Weeks and Summer Internships, both of which you can find if you follow this link here:

I greatly look forward to the next careers event I am to attend, and if you go to any, please don’t hesitate to recommend them in the comments section below!

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