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#creativewarwick and Pizazz: Part Two

With Varsity about to kick off, the sporty hype around campus is at a high. I love seeing all the banners around campus and hearing the talk of people going to support our sports teams. It is great how everyone comes together to cheer for #teamwarwick, yet as someone involved with societies more than sports, last year it did feel like they didn’t get celebrated in the same way sports teams are.

Therefore, when the #creativewarwick campaign was launched I was thrilled! The

for it is really funky and I think it is amazing to showcase some of the creative societies we have here at Warwick.

creative v


As part of the Creative Warwick campaign there are large letters around campus that spell CREATIVE. I found the V in SUHQ and the E in the Students Union, and I think there is another in the Oculus building. People are encouraged to write creative thoughts over the letters, and when I’ve seen the letters recently they are a lot more full than the pictures above show!

There are also Creative Warwick themed weeks, with the theme for this week is Community which is fitting since Pizazz is this week as well! The whole point of Pizazz is to raise money for CRASAC, and so it’s great being involved in #creativewarwick to raise more awareness of the event and show what students are doing to help the local community. Too often students get a bad reputation, and it’s through schemes like Creative Warwick that we get to prove people wrong and demonstrate the creativity of all students.


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