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Creative Warwick: Going to the OpWa

Last year, I went to see The Marriage of Figaro, performed by Opera Warwick – or OpWa, for short. It’s one of the many societies on campus, and it was the first time I’d seen any opera. I really enjoyed it and was keen to see more.

Last Friday, I went to see their latest performance – an adaptation of Die Fledermaus set in the 1980s. Like last year, I thought it was very funny and cleverly done – while staying faithful to the original plot, it did add a few modern elements, and it felt natural. It was also pretty affordable with student pricing – cultural experiences absolutely don’t have to be exclusive, and the accessability of the Arts Centre to students is something that I really love, because there are a lot of opportunities to experience a wide variety of performances and exhibitions.

Die Fledermaus was excellent – credit goes, of course, to everyone involved, both off-stage and on. I look forward to seeing future performances, and would highly recommend doing the same. There’s such a wide variety of societies at Warwick that you can see or create so many things, you’re bound to find something you enjoy. There’s also always something new to try, and you don’t always know whether you’ll like something until you try it!

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